Snapshots & Scenes from September

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We say goodbye to September…

For the first time in a long time, last month was really slow for us. Not only had we just got home from America the first week, we also started school. You would think that would make this mont fly by, being busy but it seems like we have already been home and done so much for months not just weeks. I have had a lot more time to work so maybe the days are going slower because I no longer have children at home with me to run around and take care of. Maybe my vertigo is to blame as I haven’t been driving around as much as I normally do running errands. Driving is still slightly dodge for me and going into places like the grocery store take me an hour to recover. But we are slowly getting back to normal and onto a new routine for the kids as much as for myself.

I am working on a new day time work routine. Having worked from home since MM was born, I normally work after the kids go to bed until about midnight for the past four years. It’s crazy when I think how late I used to stay up some nights just to keep up with a toddler, a newborn, the house, and a full time job. Now, I have both in school, where my nights can be filled with reading books, watching trashy tv series with hubby, or a movie and popcorn. I can chill out for the evening and take a hot bath if I want. I don’t think I could go back to working nights again but I do miss having my babies at home with me. It just seems too quiet.

The kids are loving school. They love that they see each other so much. They both have the same outdoor playtime and from what I have heard they stick together like glue. I think it’s great for MM, who is shy and prefers to be lead to have her brother out of the playground the first year she is in school. Next year, he will be in juniors. I know, how did that happen! So she will have to work on her independence as she won’t have lunchtime and playtime with her brother after this year.

Me & Mine Family Project September 2017

We have had a mix up of weather lately. As you can see from this month’s Snapshots & Scenes video…. it’s been warm and sunny out in the new garden and freezing cold bundled up in our winter wear. Sometimes you can get beautiful weather in the UK in the Fall but it doesn’t seem like we are getting much this year, unfortunately. Maybe this means a lovely dry, winter. Our family has been enjoying Autumn adventures and getting over our holiday blues finally. Takes us a few weeks after jetlag to truly stop missing America and prepare for the holidays ahead.


Playing in the fallen, colorful leaves at the park.

Hanging out with friends in our new garden.

Having a garden disco after school.

Buying MM first bike with no training wheels.

Starting school and new workdays.

Spending more weekends as a whole family (Daddy isn’t golfing every Saturday has been a real treat).

Baking some Halloween treat with the kids (recipes coming soon).

Getting to know our neighbors more.


It’s a monthly linky showcasing our favorite photos or favorite video clips from the month put together in a short video. Those clips you film but just leave sitting on your phone are perfect for this. You can do just photos or just a video or both like me. You don’t have to be a vlogger or a photographer, this is a great linky for beginners because we are all learning along the way together.


Anyone! If you have just one favorite photo or twenty or a 60 second vlog to 5 minutes. It’s all welcome to look back on the month and share the things that make you smile and happy.

Take a peak at what the other cohosts have been doing this past month and link up below!


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28 thoughts on “Snapshots & Scenes from September”

    • Oh thank you ever so much beautiful. We do try to have fun in between all our routines and to dos. The dress was fun. Hoping I can wear it for a few other things coming up.

    • Yes I tried to do a few secs each day or other day to put together more of our family daily life won’t do it every time. But glad you like it. The dress is so fun thank you.

  1. What a cute little film Jenny!!! I’m definitely guilty of taking way too much footage each month that never sees the light of day. I had promised myself that next year I’d make a little monthly film so maybe if I manage it, I’ll link up with you! 🙂 xx

    • Oh yes you have first two weeks to link up each month. Grab a few clips put music to it and come join in. Super quick and easy. You don’t have to worry about not having something prepared for it every month it’s for those extra photos in your phone or camera and or your clips. You never have to both either. It’s fab.

  2. I love you Garden Jenny it looks amazing, I bet you will use it all the time. I cant believe that vertigo is still hanging in there, do you think Yoga would help I swear by it I LOVE yoga it really grounds me! Its adorable how well your two gorgeous kiddies get on xxx

    • Oh thanks hunny even my sons teacher mentioned how inseparable they are at school it’s lovely to hear from others too. I know it’s been so so long I am sick and tired of it. I have epley manu at hospital next Tuesday suppose to cure it hopefully. I have lost patience with it. I have had to cancel way too many things because of it.

  3. Your two are just too cute, Jenny! Gosh, it’s crazy how quickly they grow up, isn’t it? I still remember Missy Moo as a baby, wearing all her cute flower headbands, and look at her now, all grown up! I bet life is a bit easier now you don’t have to work at night. We do what we have to do for our families, don’t we? I am so envious of your beautiful garden and that gorgeous outdoor sofa! xxx

    • Oh yes I know I forget I always had a headband on her got sick of people asking if she was a boy. Hahaha bless her. She has really grown up last few weeks before our eyes. Her voice has changed and even her accent too. We have loved our new living space outside. Yes it’s been amazing working during the day and evenings chill out.

  4. First of all you and the Mr look gorgeous in that middle shot!! I’m glad to hear your slowly getting over your illness and that things are starting to get back to normal. I know what you mean about September being a little slower, especially on the back of August which flew by in a blink of an eye. I’ve already mentioned that I LOVE your new garden and really want to do something similar here in ours. Happy October xx

    • Oh thanks lovely you are too kind. It’s been a full summer and weird September. I am hoping October holds more for us happier news and easier routine with better health.

  5. Jennie your vertigo seems to have gone on forever and ever, poor you! How debilitating. I would never have guess that MM is shy, she always looks like the life and soul of the party. My son used to adore sharing a playground with his older sister. So lovely to hear that they seek each other out at playtime isn’t it? You look stunning in that blue dress. And you garden looks stunning. Hopefully ours will be finally finished by the end of this month! xx

    • Your garden looks like it will be just as stunning Hun. Can’t wait to see it. I know it’s been almost 9 weeks having it has had me in too many years for too long. Not fair. I am trying to rise above it but doesn’t always work.

  6. I love the clips of you playing with them both in you garden – just gorgeous! I’m glad you’re starting to feel a bit better from the vertigo and can get out and about a little bit more than you were able to before. Hopefully you’ll be fully recovered soon x

    • I don’t know how I did it for so many years. Probably because I didn’t have any other time I just got on with it. But now I love my evenings back.

  7. That dress is just gorgeous and really suits you!
    It takes a little time to adjust to both kids being at school doesn’t it? I definitely love having both of a working day now though and taking a break in the evenings.
    Lovely little video, such a cute way of documenting each month x

  8. You look gorgeous! It’s taken me ages to get into the swing of things this autumn too. I love the idea of monthly videos. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but haven’t got round to it, as per! xxx

    • Oh yes this is why we started this project come join us. Just gather your clips and photos and put them together. I love that I do shoot specifically for this project but it’s for all those random photos and clips I take in between to round up. Thanks lovely takes me ages every year to get into autumn.

  9. What a gorgeous video and a lovely month! I hope your vertigo gets better soon. That must be so awful to live with! Congratulations on MM starting school and having a big girls bike. It must be so weird having a quiet house all day long. This will be next year and I know you’re missing having them around, but I’m so looking forward to being able to work in the day and get my evenings back. Oh and I love your garden by the way! <3 x


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