Me & Mine Family Project {September 2017}

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Me & Mine Family Project September 2017

September seem to be a long month for us. I think because we travelled the first week back and battled jetlag with illnesses, it dragged on. We were up at night with sick kiddos, dizzy Mommy and ill Daddy and I think MM takes the longest getting back on UK time. Then we had the start of school which is such a huge milestone for MM. She was so excited but she soon caught on by Friday that it’s exhausting being in school. She is missing her naps, I think too. I am so proud of her though she has done well. We slowly moved into September with the kids in school during the week, and the house being too quiet. I wasn’t fully recovered from my vertigo and ear infection so I spent the second week of silence on the sofa. I am sure this is the cause for the month to feel so long. But here we are with the last week just gone, I am back to work fully and making a routine during the day for myself. Mr P and B have mended from a horrific illness that saw me calling an ambulance for Mr P, one night. Scary. I have never done that for him. And we move on to October next month hoping it’s a smooth and healthy month. We look forward to Halloween especially.

Me & Mine Family Project September 2017

We are officially back in the UK a whole month, having only come home the first week of September yet it feels like a lifetime ago we were in the states. We have fully embraced Autumn now too with warmer clothes and Autumn colors coming out. The leaves are falling everywhere in our neighborhood which seems like it’s earlier than normal or maybe the year is just going that fast for us. We are constantly busy at the moment on the weekends but I love it. We have had a few routine changes that have been major for our family with MM starting school. It means I can work during the day now instead of at night, after the kids go to bed. It also means all the classes MM used to do during the week are now on the weekends and after school. Our weekends have become full of soccer Saturdays and gymnastic Sundays. I love our new little routine. I love having that extra time with Mr P at night too. We might read a book, or watch tv or even sit in our new garden with the heaters blasting but it’s quality time together that we haven’t had in a long time. It feels so special now.

The kids seem to be loving school. I am so relieved with this especially with my littlest. She can be painfully shy sometimes but she says she has the best time and always has stories to tell me when we get home each day. So far the homework of two isn’t as bad as I thought but I am sure it can only get busier. I find it crazy how much paperwork gets flooded through two school bags now though. I must get better at writing dates and times down. I sometimes feel like I am running in circles to meet all their activities, school events, functions, charities, work, the house and forget me time. lol I need more time in the day. But the kids love a fast pace life. I think it’s their generations, always wanting to know what are we doing next. When I was growing up, I remember we just came home and played outside until dinner than homework, bath, and bed. We would repeat this each day. There was never where we going this weekend. Mostly because we couldn’t afford it but also I think the next generation have a higher expectation of always being entertained and out doing something than we ever did growing up. I hope it’s not just my two that are a hundred miles an hour.

Me & Mine Family Project September 2017


Our evenings in our new garden.

Working during the day instead of at night. (being lazy reading / tv at night).

Feeling less dizzy from vertigo for more than a few hours, finally!


Eating dinner in the garden.

Our new adult Micro scooters for family scooting.

My new love for making Rosti recipe on the weekends for breakfast.


Mommy and Daddy scooting with him and his sister after dinner most nights around our neighborhood.

Going back to school and seeing all his friends.

Trying to gain weight means he gets all the vegan ice cream he can eat.


Starting school and seeing him a lot at playtimes and during the day.

Getting a new bike.

Her new Spanish class and learning about animals in Spanish this month.

Me & Mine Family Project September 2017

I look forward to what October has to hold for our family. It looks like the diary is already filling up fast for the next few months. It’s always a very busy time of year for us leading up to Christmas with Halloween, Thanksgiving in the line up too. I have  a project I am working on I can’t wait to share with all of you too. Fingers crossed, we get some good news on something we have been waiting for work wise. Do you know though I always think when I want to work on something so badly it usually means I don’t get it. So I am trying to put it at the back of my mind but wish me luck, anyways.










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  1. Well I am super jealous of your adult Micro Scooter. I would love one of those myself. Not going to happen though I don’t think It’s on the wishlist for the smallest though for Christmas.
    My eldest has a full month in school finished and he has done pretty well. I thought he would be super exhausted but he seems to have a lot of energy.

    • That’s great news. MM is a lot more tired than she normally is but she is still loving it no less. Oh treat yourself this Xmas it’s so much more fun for all of you all are scooting. We have a blast.

    • I feel so bad for her. It’s completely debilitating hardly can drive or do much it’s gone on far too long too. Hoping relief soon. Thanks lovely – the garden has been great added play space for us all.


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