A family of Micro Scooters

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:40 am

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We are a family of micro scooters now.

I have to say, one of the best things about my job is that it constantly keeps my family trying new things and out on new adventures. Whether it’s a day out we might not have thought about or an item that we never thought to buy for our family that turns out to bring us more fun and joy than we ever thought. We are love trying new things and keeping our family life one big adventure. It may be a job that takes more hours and more stress than most with the 24/7 hours but I am truly grateful for not only the ability to work from home but the joy and experiences we get from it as a family. It’s definitely unique.

This week I was excite to tell the kids that we were going to the park to scoot as a family for my work. My son was quick to point out,”they don’t make scooters for parents Mommy”. They both lit up when I pulled out Mommy and Daddy’s new white & black Micro Scooters from Poppets! My kids are more the scooting kind than the bike riding kind. They will scoot around our village or the park for hours. The older they get the more Mr P and I find ourselves running after them shouting, “slow down, wait for us, look for cars, stop at the crossing, or come back”. It’s an endless game of chase. I kept saying we are going to have to pull our bikes out and ride with them soon to keep up. So we were really excited to instead to be sent these awesome Adult Micro Scooters, what a great idea!

Normally, I would say that hubby and I are pretty athletic and competitive. It’s just how we both always have been. So you can imagine the first thing we did was get pay back to the kids for always leaving us behind. Call it bad parenting but we call it a little fun. We raced ahead of them, acting the part of two little giddy kids through our village. Although age and lack of exercise caught up with us as did the kids! At first, I think Mr P was a little skeptical of getting on a scooter and scooting around with us through the neighborhood. But I think he loved the speedy and ease of doing it together soon enough.

I never rave about something that I don’t truly love on this blog. I also don’t embellish if it’s not the case on how much we love a place or an item. Β The kids were so excited for Mommy and Daddy to get scooters like theirs. On weekends we have been taking them to the park and after dinner if it’s not raining, we jump at the opportunity to make a loop around our neighborhood. It’s amazing how much ground you can cover on a scooter. One night we scooted for an hour around our village and got to stop at three play parks for the kids. They thought it was such a grand adventure. We like to be spontaneous too. We have our days where we plan everything and we have our days where we just get up and go. I think the kids prefer the latter best.


What I love most about the Micro Scooter is their durability. My kids have been so hard on theirs over the years and they still look like new. Our Adult Micro scooters even have the fold up option which is amazing for storage or putting in the trunk of the car easily. I love the white version for me but Mr P prefer the struck black look. The handle bars have soft grips so if you are scooting long distance you don’t get sore hands either. The brake option at the back makes it easy to slow down or stop at a moments notice.

We definitely will be packing these with us to our next Center Parcs weekend away. As much as we wished our kids loved bike riding, we are glad they love a good family scooting day out. I think I prefer a scooter than a bike as well now. I know we will get our use out of these and it’s quickly become one of our favorite things to do in the evenings for a little exercise and fresh air together as a family before bedtime.

“A family that scoots together stays together”.

*Collaboration, we were sent these adult micro scooters to test out for this review.

15 thoughts on “A family of Micro Scooters”

  1. Brilliant – you’re so lucky. I bought my daughter a micro scooter for her 2nd Birthday and she absolutely loves it still (she’s 4.5 now), I sometimes wish I had one too so we could scoot together but alas cannot afford one for me but it really has been one of the best purchases I ever made.

  2. I have to say that I’ve always fancied a scooter for myself but my kids (being teenagers) would die if they saw me and it with one! So great for families though. Looks great fun πŸ™‚

  3. I’d love a micro scooter for myself. N’s got a fold up micro sprite one and it’s brilliant He’s got a strap too so we can carry it easily. My own scooter isn’t a microscooter. It’s an expense stunt one but it’s so heavy and doesn’t fold up so it’s a pain to take out in the boot. I tend to scoot while N cycles, saves him moaning that I don’t keep up with him

  4. Micro Scooters are fab aren’t they? I need to get E one for Christmas as she’s desperate to replace the scooter she’s outgrown. I’m not sure that these days N would be overly keen on scooting as a family though! Great for when the kids are younger xx

    • Oh really even if you adults were doing it too? I love it so much fun obviously when I am not dizzy hahaha made that mistake. Ended up walking home carrying it. Oops hahahah


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