The Siblings Project {September 2017}

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Oh September, how you snuck up on me! How can we be in the middle of September. Two weeks into the new school year and I am hearing jiggles of Christmas countdown whispered here and there already. I swear it gets earlier and earlier every year. Well, I am still living in the past with my two munchkins in tow. We had such a hot summer full of adventures and am desperately trying to share them all before Autumn truly hits (officially next week). So I hope you will enjoy a slightly cheeky sunny Siblings Project this month as we only arrived back in the UK the first week of September anyhow. It was definitely weird flying from 99 degrees to 54 degrees in 26 hours. I haven’t stopped shivering since we landed. My tan is starting to fade, signs of the summer is truly over. 

I will refrain from moaning anymore about B’s new diagnose for now or my vertigo either. This is about the bond between my two siblings growing ever so beautiful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes magical and always worth it to see it blossom in the end. This summer was no different. Actually, I find summers easier with them both home together. They know they are each other’s playmates out in the middle of nowhere and they stick together with their older cousins running happily after them. They are always happier in the fresh air and outdoors. This month’s snaps were taken where we went camping with Auntie Rachel last year. It’s a firm favorite spot. Of course, we have now made it an annual tradition to sit on the log and try to snap up the waves that hit and go over their heads. I think the log may have moved this year they were as big as normal from boats going by but we still had fun trying.The Siblings Project September 2017

The Siblings Project September 2017


Playing on a beach one day and back in the UK the next.

Starting school with American accents (or maybe that’s Mommy loving).

Being together at school.

Seeing all their UK friends and catching up.

Seeing who is losing their swimsuit tan marks faster.

Back on their scooter and bikes after school.

Back to swimming lessons and spanish lessons.

Playing in the new garden (post coming soon).

The Siblings Project September 2017

The Siblings Project September 2017

The Siblings Project September 2017

These two beach babes are loving being in the same school. Even B came home to tell me today that he got to sit next to his sister at the school assembly in the front which never happens and he was so excited that he got to show her around the school grounds too. They get ready so much better in the mornings, both comparing uniforms what is the same and what is different. They love to see who can race out of their gate first to tackle me when the bell rings at pick up time as their gates are side by side. Sometimes I think one day they will both hit me at the same time and I will go flying. Eeek. I love that MM loves school. I love that B loves having her there too to show off to his friends. It really is something so show off having a cool little sister. 

It’s been a calm start for various reasons but hopefully the month will pick up. How can October be just around the corner I really can’t believe it. I still have so much summer stuff I wanted to do like a garden party in our new garden. Come on India summer give us one please! 

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17 thoughts on “The Siblings Project {September 2017}”

    • That’s so sweet. They count how many times they see each other during the day. It’s so cute. May it long continue. I loved school so I am so glad they love it

    • They are way way too grown up. Makes me sad when I look at them. MM is definitely catching up with her brother too. My fake twins I call them. Hahaha they were due on the same day. Summer went way too fast.

  1. Gorgeous photos of your children enjoying their summer together. It does feel like the summer was a long time ago now! I can imagine the change in temperature was a shock to the system. Glad to hear that B and MM are enjoying being in the same school. #siblingsproject

    • Oh they think it’s just the best thing ever. I get to hear them boasting about how many times they saw each other during that day after school it’s hilarious. Yes it was a complete shock made it feel colder than it was.

  2. What gorgeous, summery pictures – that landscape looks amazing! How lucky you all are to have got to swim there. They are absolutely adorable Jenny, you must be so proud.


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