The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook

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Have you heard of the cooking show on BBC TWO called The Big Family Cooking Showdown? It’s hosted by infamous Nadiya from the Bake Off and Zoe Ball.  It’s a show centered around families sharing their special recipes while competing against each other. It really zooms in on the amazing aspect of generations of recipes passed down and shared throughout each family. I love that as I have so many firm favorite recipes from my own Great Grandmother and even remember cooking with my Grandmother and her talking about how she learned to cook.

Do you love a new cookbook?

This week a lovely copy of the TV inspired cookbook has landed on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to try some recipes out and share what I think of it with all of you. There are some exclusive recipes from one of the judges Rosemary Shrager too. At first glance you can see it’s for all levels of chefs. Whether you want to make tacos for a casual family dinner and that perfect golden turkey for Christmas, it’s in there. I love a cookbook that has a variety of expertise we aren’t all master chefs here. As a busy parent, it’s nice to have those quick recipes for rushing weekday meals and those more comfort show stoppers for the weekends or when guests visit.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook giveaway BBC TWO series

I am a huge foodie and food channels are my ultimate best friend while I work away during the day at home. They are also great company, now that the house is silent with no more children at home. I am always looking to be inspired to make new recipes as much as get ideas to alter classic favorites in a new light for my kids. I grew up such a picky eater and my siblings were picky eaters too. From the moment my first born started weaning I wanted to introduce a plethora of food options for their palettes. I am happy to say I have two children that will actually try anything at least once for me. You can regularly find me flipping through cookbooks looking for things they may not have had yet just to be sure we have a varied diet.

Try something new for your kids.

Instead of picking one of the more delicious, colorful dessert recipes that would be “oh so beautiful” to photograph for instagram (yes, I know we all think in instagram photos throughout life in everything we do – no, just me?)  but for the longest time my daughter has hated potatoes. I thought I would give it one last attempt for her to find a way to eat them. I was hoping the texture being slightly different would help in this recipe.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook giveaway BBC TWO series The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook giveaway BBC TWO series The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook

After boiling the potatoes and peeling them, I quickly used a large grater to create nice potato shavings in a bowl. Softening the onions was a breeze and then mixed it together with some salt and pepper. Then it’s a matter of patting into a buttered frying pan and browning both sides of your Rösti, known to my daughter now as potato pizza.   The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook giveaway BBC TWO series

I envision this served on a Sunday morning with scrambled eggs and bacon on the side or for dinner bet yet accompany it with cheesy beans or gammon. It makes a great side dish to so many varieties of meals. The kids can even get involved and help you make it. What kid doesn’t like helping in the kitchen?

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook

I already have my eye on the quick and easy Salted Caramel Ice Cream recipe or the amazing Torta Nera recipe and another potato challenge for my littlest is Baked Bean & Bubble with Squeak Hash Browns. If she likes this Rosti she is sure to love one with hash browns right?

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook giveaway BBC TWO series


Why not grab this opportunity to get your very own copy. I am happy to announce 2 LUCKY WINNERS will receive a copy of The Big Family Cooking Showdown cookbook. All you have to do is quickly enter the giveaway below, only takes two minutes and there is a chance to gain extra entries every day via twitter so don’t forget to keep coming back and getting more chances to WIN this lovely family cookbook.  Good luck! Happy Cooking!

The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook**Updated Winner has been selected and notified.

50 thoughts on “The Big Family Cooking Showdown Cookbook”

  1. I love a good cookery book – my baking skills leave a lot to be desired but I am always looking for good recipes for healthy food. Hope I win!!

  2. The day my dad died he had made his speciality curry a chicken Muglai…….i love making this for my family on special occasions xx

  3. I love making Lasagne, it’s great comfort food and something my whole family loves so great for when we actually get a chance to sit down altogether.

  4. It’s getting to that time of year again where nothing’s more satisfying to prepare and eat than dad’s special recipe Irish stew. x

  5. I’ve always enjoyed cooking/ baking. I can still remember watching my grandma and mum in the kitchen when I was a little girl.
    I like to make meals from scratch as much as possible and my homemade lasagne is a firm favourite in our house.
    I use a recipe that was passed down from my grandma (She was italian). It’s delicious, if I don’t say so myself!
    The best thing is, even our baby girl enjoys it, even though she seems to get more and more on her lol!
    I enjoy getting the kids involved with food and hope to continue to pass down these recipes to my children and grand children in the future.

  6. Oh that looks delicious! We are also cooking the same things such as cottage pie. I’d love to mix it up a bit and try to make something different.

  7. I like to make a mixed veggie and sweet potato curry for big family meals – my sister is veggie and my niece is vegan so this is something they can both eat and enjoy.

  8. Thank you so much for the giveaway – I’m delighted to be one of the winners I can’t wait to receive it. I have emailed you my address. Wishing you and your lovely family many blessings xx


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