BKD-London Little Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

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BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

If you have been following me here long you will know I am the ultimate cupcake queen. I could eat them everyday of the week and any flavor goes. If there is an excuse to have a little tea party there will be cupcakes present.

I was ecstatic to team up with BKD-LONDON to test out their Little Monsters Cupcake baking kit. Whilst I love cupcakes I have never made monster ones before.

Before you say it, yes, Halloween just went by but these would be great for a monster themed birthday party or to make with the kids anytime of the year. What kid doesn’t like monsters, besides the ones under the bed.

The baking kit comes in a tall tube above and here is all the ingredients you get with your kit. It truly has everything you need right down to the toothpicks and cupcake wrappers. BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

It was a gloomy day, hence the darker photos but it meant it was the perfect baking day! Buba set out to roll all the fondant for me while I got to work on the batter. He was so excited to be up on a stool, in the kitchen, helping Mommy make monster cupcakes.

BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

I never really baked with Buba when he was younger and part of me feels bad about that. It was not because he was a boy either I just never have been good at letting the kids get messy and involved in it until recently. When I had Missy Moo I vowed to change this and so when it came time to stir the batter I let her right in there to give it a few whips herself. She did great too and loved helping us out. It truly was a family team effort and the very first time I have baked with both of them. It won’t be the last though I really enjoyed watching them get so into it and the smiles were enough to say we need to do this more.

BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

You are probably wondering why on earth are some of the tops on my cupcakes cut off. Well, if you have been reading here long you will also know I am a bit ocd and I wanted them all to be the same height and level. A few of my lovely cupcakes puffed up creating great bubbles in the middle, still absolutely tasty, I didn’t waste them, don’t you know me at all? BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

Then I made the icing and prepared the piping bag. It was great that the kit came with so many tools as well. I could use this piping bag again and it was very user friendly.

Overall, the kit was really easy to follow instructions and there were so many little things the kids could do. The frosting tastes yummy and I cannot HIGHLIGHT enough that the actual cake was absolutely scrumptious. It almost looks like dark wheat here what ever was in the recipe it is perfect. I would love to actually have it to make future cupcakes. I guess that’s why I will be buying more from BKD-London. They are so clever.  A lot of baking kits don’t taste homemade and these I am not just saying it, tasted amazing. I may have ate two in one go while the kids were napping. Shhhhh, don’t tell on me.BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

I let the kids do the eyes and put on the mouths but my ocd got the better of me because I wanted to practice using the piping bag. Sad I know but I never had one so I needed it. BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

What do you think of our

little monster cupcakes? BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

BKD-London really thought of everything when they put these kits together. Not only did I REALLY enjoy eating them with the kids afterwards (sorry no photo –  we were diving in too much to find a camera) but it really made me realize how much fun it is to bake with my kids. I should do it more often. I sometimes forget they are both not babies anymore. They understand and can do more than I give them credit for sometimes.

A huge, huge, huge….Thanks to BKD-London

BKD London Monster Cupcake Baking Kit

* we were sent this product for the purpose of this review but all photos & opinions are my own.

42 thoughts on “BKD-London Little Monster Cupcake Baking Kit”

    • Buba did too. They are great. Think i want to try the cookie ones next. Baking with the kids was so much fun. Its hard for me to not do it myself but once i relaxed it was great fun.

    • I did say that too. But buba said but they are food mommy. Hahaha yes i know toddler. Just as bad as his father when i tell him i dont light my candles they are for looks. Hahaha

  1. They look delicious, and I share your tendancies for neatness and consistency with things. I also find it difficult to let my little one get too messy, but I can see you all enjoyed yourselves.

  2. Grace says – These monster cupcakes are AWESOME. I reckon that Buba and Missy Moo have got cupcake fever just like their Mummy now…………..
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Oh yes we are an all around cupcake lovers in this house well the ladies of the house. Buba doesn’t like it as much as we do. Men! lol hahaha Thanks grace.


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