Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows #48

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:16 am

Each week, I share my two toddlers’ milestones with you as they grow, learn, love and achieve various things.  At this age, anything can happen in a week and as they grow I am sure these milestones will become less and less.  For fear of not remembering them, I started this weekly diary of “him, her, them”. milestones of my baby and toddler living arrows


Buba, you are so cheesy, just like your Momma and while he would hate to admit it but your father too! You can definitely tell you are our son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and all. I love your cheesy grins, your cheesy laughter, your cheesy jokes, and your dramatic cheesy hugs and kisses. You find the funny in everything and you have enough American in your to make everything over the top! It tickles me. I love that we are a cheesy, OTT, family. It just means we are all merry and bright most of the time. Don’t get me wrong you aren’t all smiles all the time you used those OTT skills for bad as much as good. Those tantrums can hit 0-60 in 1 second flat. Your OTT skills make the small things seem like the world is ending. You are learning how to express yourself and they are getting fewer and far between but I am sure there will be another toddler phase gearing up right behind it for you to over dramatize. But know this, no matter how much people call us cheesy never stop being you. Happy, bubbly people I have been told, live longer.

milestones of my baby and toddler living arrows


Missy Moo, you sure know how to use that smile as power already. At 17 months old you know exactly what you are doing whether it’s naughty or nice. You know that Christmas tree is off limits but you smack those baubles off anyways and then try to hug, cuddle and use that pretty little face of yours to make nice with Mommy so she doesn’t shout. I know these tactics lady it wasn’t long ago I used them on my own mother the exact same way. It’s called, “batting those blues”. It works 85% of the time but I will tell you Gramma highly warn me that you are so very much like me at this age so I am ready to battle those blues instead of batting them! 

milestones of my baby and toddler living arrows


Each week I tell you both how much you love each other and what a great team you are even when you are regularly pushing, shouting, and stealing toys away from each other like normal siblings. But this past week at Center Parcs, I realized how amazingly appreciative you both are in your own ways. You both got to visit Santa in his wonderful workshop and he gave you each a present. You both looked at him gleefully and thanked him so sweetly. Buba you even went in for a high five which from last year, was a huge step up. We got stuck in Santa’s grotto due to some busy elves so you both busted open your presents right there in front of Santa. For a split second, I was worried that you, Buba would be disappointed that it wasn’t a car and instead a very adorable fluffy animal. When I saw it was a stuffed dog I was nervous,  you have hated stuffed animals since the moment you were born. You didn’t cuddle anything but you squealed, “OH… thank you” and hugged it tight until we left. Missy Moo, I didn’t give you credit either, you are so loyal to your Darcy Duck, so much so, I feared you would throw it back in the bag and say, “quack, quack” like you always do. You buried your face right into that plush rabbit and kissed him over and over. I thought to myself, well at least you both put on a good show but it wasn’t just a show. You both were so appreciative of your presents. You carried them in the stroller the rest of the day and wanted them in your beds to sleep with that night. Buba you kept saying, “Santa gave these to us” with the cheesiest grin on your face ever. I was so very proud of you both in that moment. You both have big hearts of gold, and I hope you it continues to grow bigger and bigger everyday as you both do.

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  1. I love this! The same reason why I blog about my littles… wish I could do more but time can be short with three under just 4! 😉
    Beautiful pictures xxx


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