A new series, firepit shame, and redecorating #littleloves

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:40 pm

The end of the week has finally come and usually I say what how did we get here already but not this week. I have had one of the busiest weeks ever with my brother visiting. While I took this week off work to show him where I live and take him and the kids on some great adventures I fear I will need another week off just to recover. We have been to Alton Towers, to London, to the Beatles Story in Liverpool and many more exploring days since he arrived in the UK last weekend. We are at Formby for a family picnic as you read this and he is off to the Man U vs Arsenal game on Saturday before he leaves back to the states. I hope we have shown him so fun and made memories that will last forever for his very first time out of the USA. I love my brother so much and it’s just made me grateful how close we are and look at my children the same that they have each other. It’s almost like watching mini me and mini him when I look at my two kids. There is something so very unique and special about having a sibling.

While there is so much huge things I want to share here are some of the little things that I have loved this week too. Joining in with the lovely Butwhymummywhy for #littleloves


I took this week off so I haven’t read blogs, magazines, or books with the kids as much as I normally do. But I have been reading maps of so many cities and sightseeing bus tours I can’t see straight. I probably still don’t know my way around London or Liverpool or Manchester like I should by now.


Have you heard? I started a new vlog series (don’t worry “bloggers insight is still going too) but my new series has just launched and I have a few episodes in the pipeline already for you all. If you haven’t heard, welcome to “My Expat Life” mini series where I take questions straight from all of you and answer them in each episode from really happy ones, to funny ones, to really emotional sad ones. Everything is on the table. Come watch and give me a thumbs up if you like my new series. Don’t forgot to add your own questions to this expat in the comment box and I will add them to my list. 


I was so proud of my friend Lucy for finally doing a “talking” vlog on her youtube and she is one of the most creative person I know. When she told me about her idea to do a pregnancy diary vlog I was so blow away, it’s such a great idea and what a beautiful thing to have forever for your baby. Do watch along as she shares her amazing journey of her third baby. 


I am always seeing everyone with a top knot and while I still don’t think I can pull it off, Morgana gave me some encouragement to try it so I have been wearing it out in public, brave the stares of strangers to see if I like it. Haven’t quite got the hang of it on the very top of my head yet. I also have been wearing this bright blue blazer around a lot lately. I love it so much. The color and so cozy and it was only £8 on sale at Primark. Bonus! 



I am really cheating this week as I haven’t been home cooking or baking in the kitchen but I have (helped) make B’s big boy bed. Yes, I think that still counts as I made all three drawers while I put my big brother to work on the rest of it. I even had him paint that ugly green wall so B’s room is looking so much better now. I can’t wait to do my room tour soon when the redecorating is done just waiting on a shelf. So watch this space. 


And lastly…

Of course, we had to welcome my brother to the UK with a firepit party with friends. It was a night we had planned for awhile wanting to make the most of our new firepit and share it. Want to know how bad of party hosts we are… had champagne stocked, nibbles ready, and friends all arrived. Ten minutes into our gorgeous fire lighting moment and champagne cheers we ran out of propane! Talk about a party let down we are. But the beauty of great friends is we still had a blast sitting around it without the fire on. Sorry! 


I have so much I want to share with everyone and I hopefully will catch up with it all before I go to the states but if you want sneak peaks of all our travel fun and daily adventures pop over to instagram or twitter and follow me there. I am always sharing and up to date. Come say hello. 

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28 thoughts on “A new series, firepit shame, and redecorating #littleloves”

    • Thank you hunny. Oh yes we always have fun together don’t we ? Fidelity will never go out again. Lol yes my brother is having a grand ole time.

  1. Oh Jenny, it’s been even busier than usual in the LTM household! Hope you are having the best time with your brother. You definitely seem to be getting about anyway! Have a fab weekend sweetpea xx

    • Oh yes we are trying to show him everything and make the very most of his first trip out of the usa ever. hahaha So tired though and so much to catch up on next week. Eeek. Thanks hunny.

  2. Wow you certainly showed your brother A LOT of the UK! I don’t think I’ve been to that many places in one week myself! Love your video. As an expat myself I totally get the constant questions, missing foods from back home and feeling lonely. I’ll have to think up some more questions for you. Have a great weekend x

    • Thanks hun yes do have them coming lots to film still. Oh yes I know I am very tired after this week but it’s been a brilliant one with my brother.

    • Thank you Kim. Yes it’s definitely been nonstop each day. My brother has never been out of the usa so we wanted to give him a trip of a lifetime. The kids are loving having him here.

  3. I hope you have had a wonderful time with your brother! Love the idea for your new Vlog series! Sounds like fun.. You definitley rock the top knot! Looking good Mrs xx

    • Thanks Anna-Marie. Its great to share the experience and the highs and lows of it with everyone. Like a small healing process hahaha. Not sure about rocking anything but trying the top knot slowing. Hoping to get it higher and better at it.

  4. Sounds like the perfect week with your brother, days filled with fun and the people who matter most. I am sure you are dreading the “see you later” chat at the airport, huge hugs for that one, I am an emotional wreck when it comes to that part. Loved your new blog, top is fab and questions i have been wondering about. So looking forward to see B’s new room. Lots of love x

    • It has been so amazing having him here and seeing where we live and playing with the kids. They love him so very much. I hate saying goodbye we will both be so upset. Thanks Nicola love that everyone is liking my new series.

  5. Yay to the fact that I’d already watched both of these episodes of two great new vlog series. Sounds like you’ve given your brother an amazing time. So lovely to think about how the story is beginning all again in your own little ones. If you tip your head all the way forward (almost hanging your head upside down) when you do your top knot you’ll be able to get it higher up on your head. You have a great face so you suit it down or up 🙂 great #littleloves

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comments and the top knot tip hunny. Will have to try that. Glad you like mine and Lucy’s new series. Thanks for watching.

    • Oh yes of course I did. My hubby can’t diy for his life and I can only do so much with two toddlers on me. hahah He loved it though feeling needed and helpful. Had him painting too. lol

  6. Ooh I’m so envious of your fire pit, Jenny- I would LOVE on of these in our garden! Glad you’ve had a great weekend with your brother. You’ve done so much lovely stuff I’m sure he’ll leave with fantastic memories. Loving both yours, and Lucy’s vlogs too. Have a brilliant weekend 🙂 x

    • Oh thank you ever so much hunny. It’s lays great to start something new. The fire pit is our treat to ourselves have wanted one for years.

  7. Ah, how lovely to have your brother visit! And I definitely think you can pull off a top knot, I however, really can’t! haha! You seem to look gorgeous no matter how you have your hair! xx

    • Oh thank you babes you are too kind to me I know think that’s very true but you are lovely for saying so. I feel weird still with it all up. Never wear my hair slicked back so funny feeling at first. Getting used to it more but don’t necessarily like my roots showing. lol Can’t win on that one. Having a blast with my brother.

  8. I love your fire pit, so gorgeous and I now desperately want one. Your top know looks great, it really suits you and what a bargain jacket from Primark.
    It must be so lovely having your brother here and it does look like you have been really busy this week, having lots of fun. xx


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