Splash About Swimwear, Kit & Kin Babywear and an American Wedding

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Oh my goodness, we are almost there, one more week of work and I have my first three weeks off in six and half years. Phew, that sounds amazing and almost terrifying just saying it out loud. I have never taken more than a few days in a row off since starting my blog all those years ago. The first two years started out with me just writing every day, promoting, sharing, and chasing for readers. It paid off and grew my little small space here. I am so grateful for all the support from so many online each and every day. My blog is like another child to me and it’s going to be very hard to turn off for so long. It’s both medically and mentally necessary and what a perfect time to do it than when I go to America for Easter and my brother’s wedding!

But don’t worry, I will be recharged and raring to share. I already have so much moving forward that I want to change and share with you to keep this blog evolving and growing with it’s readers. A lot of you said you want to see more family fashion whether that’s from matching outfits or kids clothes to my own wardrobe and many have said you love my recipes but need more. So I will be trying to give you what you want more of for sure.

THIS WEEK I AM LOVING…read reading

With my three weeks off, I plan on having a lot of my time spent reading a book, sipping a coffee, and relaxing with my feet up. So I am looking for either a good series to dive into or some really good engrossing page turners. If you have any recommendations pop over on social media and let me know or comment below. I am desperate to get back to reading. Last year, I read a book a week all the way until Christmas. I was so proud of myself and somewhere this year, I just haven’t had the chance to pick one up. I saw Hinch Yourself Happy, a book on household cleaning like what Marie Kondo did for tidying. Anyone read it yet? Although I might regret it and become an even more clean freak. Or realize I wasn’t that big of a clean freak after all. Which are you?

heard listening to

Kit & Kin Nappies, Skincare, Babywear

Kit & Kin Nappies, Skincare, Babywear

Have you heard of Kit & Kin? They are widely known for their adorable and amazing, award winning hypoallergenic nappies/diapers with premium performance! And of course those cute little animal prints on the bottom makes everyone smile. Well, they have moved on to skincare and babywear too! You will want an all in one yourself. They are the softest and cutest little outfits ever. The best thing about them is they have fold over hand mits and fold over feet so they quickly turn from night outfits to day outfits or fit longer when they have a grown spurt. No more cutting off those feet to get a few more wears out of it. I know you have all done it at least once.

Kit & Kin Nappies, Skincare, Babywear

After a little Kit & Kin Bubble Bath, I slid this on baby boy and he was all cozy and ready for bed. He suffers from eczema so I have to be careful what products I use on his skin. The Kit & Kin Bubble Bath is approved by dermatologists and certified natural by the soil association, made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Kit & Kin Nappies, Skincare, Babywear

watched watch

Did you watch our Cancun Mexico adventures??? It’s a place we hold dear to our hearts as this is where my husband and I met all those years ago. For his 40th birthday, we went back to that very spot. It was all kinds of emotional. The kids loved it and we even brought Grandma with us too.

wore wear fashion

Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim SunsuitsAs mentioned above Baby O has bad eczema so when we go swimming he needs to be fully kitted out. We noticed if we have him in an all in one swim suit it really helps prevent his skin from getting irritated. We have teamed up with Splash About Swimwear to see how their fleece Warm In One Under the Sea did in our cold pool on Baby O. The fleece lining keeps him warm and holds his barrier creams in place to prevent his eczema from getting worse in the chlorine. With 16 different prints there is a pattern for everyone to love. With the Happy Nappy, Nappy Wraps and even Nappy Liners, Splash About really have made clean up easier than ever if there happens to be a surprise waiting for you when you’re swimming.

Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim Sunsuits

Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim Sunsuits

Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim Sunsuits Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim Sunsuits

I always love getting good bath toys that we can take swimming with us too. We swim every Sunday as a family at our local gym which I think is so good for us all to just enjoy some chilled out water time. Many times Baby O’s toys get mouldy after being in the water so much and then left in the swimming bag or they have a whole in them so it fills up making it impossible to dry out. Splash About created Splash Jacks Pool and Teething toys that are..

  • Made from all natural rubber
  • Safe for little mouths – mould resistant
  • Safe from toxins; BPA, PVC and Phthalates
  • Hand painted using food grade paint

These are my new favorite swim toys as the older ones love playing with them in the pool with their baby brother and in the bath. I can relax knowing they are safe for him to chew away on. Check out the Splash About Pool and Teething Toys!

Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim Sunsuits

Splash About Swimwear Baby Swim Nappies All in ones Swim Sunsuits

made making

Did you see our Caramel Frosting Bites? That’s right, forget the cake! We just wanted smooth, delicious frosting to satisfied our sweet tooth this time. Do you like frosting but not the cake, this one is for you!

Caramel Frosting Bites recipe frosting without the cake

and lastly to share

We have a lot of family traveling coming up this year for weddings, christenings, visiting family and friends and hope you love following along on trips on our IG Stories. Even when we take time off here and regular social media postings we love sharing our daily adventures live on stories. So do keep watching out for America next week and then Italy in May. You can always catch up on our trips to various countries in our highlights tabs. Go check out our Disney World Florida adventures on there.

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{I was gifted these items to test out by Splash About and Kit & Kin!}

6 thoughts on “Splash About Swimwear, Kit & Kin Babywear and an American Wedding”

  1. Aw you are going to have the best trip, I cant wait to follow it, have an amazing time. One of those photos baby o is the double of his big brother. I love those outfits they are so so cute and the water outfit is great for protecting sensitive skin, Jack and Joe both has such sensitive skin x

    • Yes he has bad eczema so it helps when we go swimming and fleece lining is a nice soft added extra. He looks so much like B now it’s crazy. I can’t wait so much to look forward to sun, swimming, kids, and fun together.

    • He really does. I used to think his sister but now he is his brother’s twin if you look at baby photos. We won’t in years time be able to guess who is who P and I said this week.

    • It was a forced three weeks off and in the end my phone was fixed after two weeks when I returned so I didn’t get the third week off. So thinking about it glad it broke or I probably wouldn’t have fully shut off from emails and instagram. lol So hard to find balance.


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