Siblings {May} ~ Special Edition

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We have come upon the middle of May and this year has definitely been jam packed full of excitement, traveling, family and friends, and new things for us all. I can imagine from here on out it will only get busier if that’s even possible. I am exhausted just thinking about it all. I often wonder how I am not killed over from the back to back adventures we have been going on lately. Not that I am not grateful for each and every one of them. I truly am and I love a busy life as we only get to live once and I want to know I have lived it with my family fully. 

This month has been special for the kids as their Uncle Russ (my brother) has been visiting from the states for the first time ever. So it’s a little bit of a sibling celebration for us having my kids together and me and my brother together. As the kids play or run around and laugh with each other I look over at my brother and remember us so vividly doing the very same together at their age. It’s amazing how much my daughter is like me and my son is like my brother. I always mentioned it brings back memories but having my brother right in front of me and my kids I can’t believe how alike two sets of siblings really can be. So I will document the kids siblings journey as I always do here but I will give a little mention of my own sibling experience this month. 

B and MM are growing at the rate of weeds. My friend laughed at me the other day when I said this but weeds do grow so very fast and are pesky and I love my children but they can be pesky too. So it really does suit these two. Lately, some days can be hard to handle with them both going at a rapid speed. One with get the other even more hyper and more silly and before I know it I have two toddlers in fits of laughter, hyper and not willing to go to sleep or eat dinner whatever the task at hand may be. It makes me laugh (afterward they are fast asleep) that they can make each other laugh so hard and be so silly together. I know most of the time I should laugh along with them or leave them to it as they are just having fun but it can be hard when you have had a long day and two toddlers are running around the house like it’s a disco.

I always thought that maybe MM would be the quiet, and relaxed one since B is so hyper and that’s just not the case. It only takes one of them to go in with a tickle attack to the other and the craziness begins. Not in a fighting way but in a I attack you and you attack me now let’s chase around the house and ignore Mommy way. This is how they gang up on me. If they both aren’t crying together at my feet they are running away from me in laughter together either way it’s always together. A true team at heart. Siblings May a monthly photo projectI often wonder what a third siblings would do to their bond. Would it change it at all? I am from a big family and I am close with my siblings so I wonder would it just be another sibling for them to bond and love or would they stick together and the third feel left out of their team? It almost worries me enough that I don’t want a third but then I love a big family dynamic so it’s a tough call. Siblings May a monthly photo project

B is loving…

Digging a hole at the beach with Uncle Russ.

Learning to catch a baseball like Uncle Russ.

Wearing Uncle Russ’ baseball hat.

MM is loving…

Rock (mud) throwing at the beach with Uncle Russ.

Climbing all over Uncle Russ like a jungle gym.

Uncle Russ throwing her in the air and catching her.

Siblings May a monthly photo project

We did what we do best and hopped in the car last minute for a lunch on the beach. The weather had forecasted rain but when it came morning time we saw the sunshine and ran for it with a bucket in one hand and our lunch in the other. It was just a good excuse to get the kids out of the house for some fresh air and my brother to see the coast. I absolutely love Formby beach. I can see us going there a lot in the coming years. The sand is soft and the beach is clean and there are so many trails to have a good walk in the forest too. It’s just a beautiful place close to us.

The kids absolutely had a ball with Uncle Russ, who was digging them deep holes in the shape of boats and having them laying down in them. At one point MM was laying in the boat (hole) and B was scooping sand as fast as he could on top of her, burying her alive. She was loving it. When we go to the beach I let me ocd slide and let them completely get filthy, wet, sandy, muddy, you name it. I want them to know when we go there, we are there to have fun, exploring and play with no restrictions. Siblings May a monthly photo projectI love watching my two kiddies play together. Even if they are having an off day and pushing each other around we always end the day in B’s bed with a bedtime story and them cuddling up together to listen. That’s one of my favorite times a day to see them kiss and hug each other good night.  

siblings may
I am loving having my brother here in the UK with me. It has been amazing to watch him bond with my hubby and bond with the kids so much and making more memories with me. I have been lucky that I could take him to places like Alton Towers and London sightseeing just us. It’s amazing that even in our thirties we can still make sibling memories together. We can still laugh, cry, and even bicker to each other like we did growing up. I always wanted to give my children that same companion in life that a sibling provides and I know no matter what my brother will always be there for me. No matter how far apart we live we support each other. I also know that we have many, many more memories in our life to make together. I am so grateful to have had him growing up with me and now sharing life as parents together. We have been through some crazy times growing up and some amazing times growing up, and only we share that with each other no one else. We are close in age like my two kids are and I hope to see them take on the world together like me and my brother do. I hope I have made my brother’s very first trip out of the states a trip to remember. I know it’s made me feel like I have made great memories here in England which makes it always feel that much more like home to me here. 
I thought it only appropriate that this month I celebrate and capture not only the sibling relationship between my two growing but also my own sibling relationship growing too. siblings may
I love you brother!
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14 thoughts on “Siblings {May} ~ Special Edition”

  1. Lovely post and photos Jenny. I had little worries about this when expecting Phoenix. My girls have always been so close that I had moments where I thought “oh no this is going to wreck everything they’ve built”, or that the third will be left out. In my experience this has never been the case, they accepted him so well considering they were both only 3 and 1.5yrs old. I’m one of three, but my partner is one of 6, (and his dad is from 12!) we’ve always said we want a big family, would definitely love a fourth. The thing that worries me sometimes us balance, time for each child. But I think it just grows with the experience. Of course the girls have moments but which siblings don’t? It’s inly human as we’re all unique right? And I guess the bond builds & The love expands with open arms

    • Oh that is such a sweet relief darling and glad they all have each other’s back and support in their own way. So true. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  2. Oh this is so, so lovely. It sounds like you have been having a blast with your brother here and I love that you’ve made this a special edition – so appropriate! Gorgeous photos as always – you totally rock at selfies! x

  3. Oh what a lovely time you had at the beach! It looks like such a gorgeous spot and B and MM are clearly having a blast together. It must be so interesting to see their dynamic when your own experience was of a much bigger family – I’m the eldest of two and H is the middle of three and we have three for now, but his father is one of 6 and his mother one of 10 and his father’s siblings have one or two and no one on his mum’s side has more than 4 so they obviously all fancied a little bit more peace and quiet!

  4. Aww Jenny this is lovely, looks like you’ve had an amazing but busy time. It’s funny when they gang up on you isn’t it?? Those weary days are the ones that I am desperate for the husband to get home (to be fair though now we have Martina those days are fewer and further between). I love all of these photos, of your gorgeous children and you and Russ. Missy Moo looks absolutely darling in those pictures at the beach, I’m in love with her outfit, she grows more beautiful all the time. Great captures and a super special #siblings

    • Oh thank you so much. What lovely comments. MM is growing up way too fast on me. I know those days will come farther between when I get to September with B in school.

  5. Lovely beachy photos! Sounds like your two have been having a whale of a time with their Uncle Russ. What a sweet idea, too, to pay tribute to your own sibling relationship x

  6. Aw it sounds just lovely having your bro here Jenny, it’s so amazing you two are so close and what a wonderful example of sibling bonding and love your are setting to your own little mini brother and sister! 🙂 x

  7. Ahhh it sounds like your brother and you’ve all had such a smashing time, I almost gasped reading this because I thought you were going to announce a 3rd baby 🙂 I come from a huge extended family, my mum has 3 brothers and 3 sisters and there are 21 of us kids in total (with now kids of our own). I LOVE the big family thing but I think two will be our magic number. Maybe if I was much much much younger. Your weeds description made me smile, I know just what you mean, mine is like that and all gangly as he never eats!! 🙂

    • Oh bless you that’s a big family. NO baby number three here. lol But funny as I didn’t even think that, maybe others have too. lol I am not sure if we are done but for now we are. Weeds indeed my are gangly too but eat like crazy I don’t know where B hides it all hahaha.


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