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whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk
This two in one Colorific Table Top Easel is great for toddlers learning how to write. My son Buba just turned three and will be starting school in September. As one of the youngest in his class we are keen to make sure he is level with the rest of students on writing. This table top easel is the perfect size for him to practice his writing skills with his numbers and letters at our dinning room table or even in his own desk.

We are not one of those that make him do it everyday but he actually loves writing with chalk instead of pencil and paper so it really has helped us get him motivated about learning and improving his writing skills. We are still trying to work out if he is right or left handed too.
whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk
One side of it this table top easel is a blackboard for drawing with chalk and the reverse side is a whiteboard for doodling with whiteboard markers. Since we are just getting started and Buba is only just 3 years old we haven’t ventured onto the white board just yet. Mommy is a little scared of markers in her house until we get a better concept of writing and where it’s best to do so.

Even though this is made for kids, it actually will be the best photo prop for my creative photos too. I have been looking for a small whiteboard chalkboard easel and this at 35cm tall is the perfect size for me. Bonus for Mommy!
whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk
Included with this double sides learning boards is 6 white chalk sticks, 6 colored chalk sticks and a blackboard eraser. Buba was having a ball with the chalk learning his numbers as you can see below but I waited for a bit to share with him that he actually had colored chalk too. He couldn’t decide what color to color with first. It was so funny. “Red, no, blue, no red, ok, blue Mommy”. whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk
Its hard knowing what to teach your child first and knowing if you are actually teaching them the right away in the first place. Mr P and I are constantly second guessing, “are we teaching him to hold the pen right?” Everyone is so different. You have to sit back and let them explore with it too. Something I struggle to do.

So at first I gave him a few pieces of chalk and wrote the number three for him to copy and helped him a few times then I went to make a coffee to give him space. I decided if he was sick of writing three he would just start coloring, it was his choice. whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalkI really thought I would come back to a board full of scribbles and doodling. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He really got into his number three and I was so impressed with how well he did by himself. His concentration was great and he really focused on each one. Even though he may be the youngest kid in his class starting, I don’t think he will have a problem sitting down and listening to the teacher. Concentration is the one thing I know he won’t struggle with thankfully.
whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk
We next moved on to Buba’s favorite thing ever, colored chalk. We enjoyed the morning drawing various things that were the color of the chalk he had in hand. whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk
Its such a great size and you can have it either way up right or even folded down flat on the table. My battery went dead before I could take a photo of Missy Moo having a go on the floor with it. It’s never too early to teach them how to write. whiteboard chalkboard table easel chalk

Buba kept getting excited when it was time to erase with the mini blackboard eraser it came with. He kept saying, “let’s draw something else, Mommy”. I loved his enthusiasm for learning. We didn’t get this far with pen and paper that’s for sure. So I welcome this handy colorific table top easel to help me teach my son and someday soon my daughter how to write.

*we were sent this for the purpose of this review but all photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. I think that softly-softly approach is the best way with teaching preschoolers, give them a little bit of guidance and then leave them to explore by themselves. It certainly seems to work well with BB. That looks like a great easel. x

  2. This looks really good! We have the sort that stands on the floor, but yesterday when I took the kids to pre-school I saw they had these sorts that was laying on the table and I just loved it, so this came just in time! haha


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