Healthier air in your home

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healthier air in your home

I have never really thought about the air in my home growing up or even when I bought my first home with Mr P. It wasn’t until I had my first son and we found out he has severe allergies to numerous things that we found out about how important healthier air in your home really is.

My son can’t handle house dust and mould in the air and we found out that dehumidifiers are so important for him to breathe easier and have less flare ups. After learning more about dehumidifiers I realized it’s not just for people with allergies.

I have two little ones in the house and I want them to be as healthy as they can be as well as Mr P and I.

Dehumidifiers reduce the level of humidity in the air, which can make your home a more comfortable place to relax. However, if you think that dehumidifiers are only suitable to places with high levels of damp or mildew; think again. In fact, there are many benefits to having a dehumidifier in your home.

Here are 3 reasons that you should plug in one of these air suckers today.

Control damp, mould and mildew

We all know the feeling. You come home after a hard day’s work and as you go to relax in your home, you are met with an unpleasant smell: damp. Having damp, mould and mildew in your house is not uncommon, yet it is easier to control than you may think. Dehumidifiers filter the air and reduce the humidity levels in a home, which in turn reduces damp, meaning that mould struggles to grow. With the air moisture levels in your home under control, you’ll notice that the air that you’re breathing feels a lot loss heavy, claggy and stale. In turn, your home will feel a more open, airy and clean. Amongst other benefits, this can improve your sleep, reduce headaches and create a healthier living space for you and your family – not to mention preventing your home from being damaged and decreasing in value.

Reduce allergies

Excess humidity is excellent news for dust mites, who thrive in the high humidity. A lot of people are allergic to dust mites, with symptoms including an irritation to your nasal cavities; eye or skin irritation and sneezing and breathlessness. By investing in a dehumidifier, you are radically reducing the moisture in the air, thus making it a far more hostile environment for pesky dust mites.

Another allergy that can be controlled by the use of a dehumidifier is mould allergy. You may not be aware that you have a mould allergy; however, if your suffering from health issues which you’re not able to explain, such as sneezing and sore eyes, a mould allergy could be the reason behind them. A dehumidifier can seriously reduce these symptoms and possibly eradicate them altogether, leaving you happier, healthier, and more able to relax in your home.

Get rid of excess moisture in the air

Advances in sustainable and effective heating in homes, such as double-glazing, have had a wonderful effect on how cost-efficient it is to keep your house warm and cosy. However, there is a downside to the cold being trapped outside of your home, which is that humidity can get trapped inside. Excess moisture that is stuck in your home can affect you and your family’s health, including causing frequent colds, eye and skin irritations and increasing the effects of asthma. A dehumidifier is a simple way of eradicating this problem, leaving your air cleaner, fresher and more comfortable.

So invest in the best dehumidifier you can afford today. With a wide variety of benefits, including reducing damp and mould; preventing damage to the building; controlling allergies and asthma; reducing the risk of developing colds and skin and eye irritations and making your home a nicer place to live, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

It’s Christmas and while a dehumidifier doesn’t sound that exciting it might just be a perfect gift. If your new year’s resolution is about being more healthier and happier in 2015 than it’s worth asking Santa for one!

If you have younger children or older adults living with you I do think it’s worth the money to invest in one. Our health is the most important thing and after seeing the difference it made for Buba, I highly recommend one.

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  1. I will never forget that as a child I use to develop a bad cough around every Christmas. For years my parents couldn’t figure out what was causing it until they bought an ioniser and later a dehumidifier. This completely transformed the air in my bedroom and stopped the coughing and wheezing that had also caused me to be diagnosed with asthma.


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