5 musicals to see this Christmas in the West End

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Christmas is just around the corner and whilst is seems everyone each year celebrates it earlier and earlier, I am one of those that doesn’t mind it. The earlier the better and the more the merrier. Sounds cheesy I know but if you know me than you know that’s me, through and through. 

I have always thought there is something so festive about big cities at Christmas time. Most likely because of all the extra twinkling lights and the glitter garland in the stores. I have been to London a few times during the festive season and it does not disappoint but I have never taken my family at this time of year. This year I would like to get my “hohoho” on and do something different with my family. I think a day trip to London and a musical might be just what we need! 

What better way to celebrate the festive season than a trip for the whole family to take in one of the West End’s hottest musicals? Or even a day trip with the Mr, just the two of us. Of course, picking the best show can be a hard task. There are so many amazing shows to choose from, it can be hard to select the right one. Here are a few I am looking at that I think would make our family outing truly magical and a few that I would love to go to with Mr P, solo. Do you have a favorite West End musical that’s not listed here, please let me know?

5 musicals to see this Christmas in the West End

Lion King Musical West End Musicals to see this Christmas

Photo: Johan Persson

1. The Lion King

One of the all-time most popular Disney films, this tale of tragedy, redemption and friendship between animals on the African Savannah translates surprisingly well to the stage. The spectacular costumes and powerful songs bring this story to life in all its glory. Whether or not you’ve seen the film, this is an uplifting and joyous musical experience that young and old members of the family will all enjoy.

2. Les Misérables

Although it isn’t the sort of musical to fill you with Christmas cheer, Les Mis is one of the all time greats, and the second longest running show in the West End. Following the path of a young man on the run from the law for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family, the drama of the French revolution evolves around him. The powerful orchestral pieces, emotional storyline and terrific musical climax mean that if you and your family are interested in finding a truly amazing show that you will remember forever – this is the one from you. 

3. Made in Dagenham

A true story of girl power, Made in Dagenham is a dramatisation of the 1968 strikes at the Ford motor plant in Dagenham, East London. Female workers walked out of the factory in protest against sexual discrimination, and this fast-paced, funny show has a powerful message, as well as powerful voices. With well-known musical stars in the key roles and some of the talent from the entertainment agency Incognito Artists where they can be found being the incredible singing waiters, this is a surefire hit for all the family.

4. Matilda the Musical

Deliciously dark, well-paced and witty, the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s famous story of the talented Matilda, has retained all of its charm in this stage adaptation. As Matilda discovers her true talents, and plays tricks on her unkind parents, a magical world unfolds in song, and a raft of talented actors portray Dahl’s beastly creations. 

matilda the musical musicals to see this christmas west end

Photo: Tristram Kenton for the Guardian

5. Wicked

Wicked wins awards year after year for its spectacular props, amazing talent, and stunning music – making it one of the West End’s most popular musicals of all time. Featuring witches, scarecrows, lions and wizards, we learn how the magical world of Oz came to be, in a time before the tale of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz ever unfolded. Breathtaking and beautiful, one of the best all-time shows to see.

I have seen Wicked before in New York City but it was that good I wouldn’t be against seeing it again. Of course some of these I would prefer an adult day out just me and the Mr but a few the kids would absolutely love! They are all about the music at the moment so I could see us having a blast experiencing the West End together for the very first time as a family!

What are your thoughts? Have you seen any great musicals on the West End? Will you be watching any during the festive season?

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9 thoughts on “5 musicals to see this Christmas in the West End”

  1. I haven’t seen a musical in ages, although used to go lots when I lived in Oxford. When N can sit still for longer than an hour I shall take him. But I’d rather go to the ballet – kind of wish I had a girl because I can’t see him wanting to go more than once.

  2. A fab list. I have seen three of those in the West End – the Lion King, Les Mis and Wicked, all of which are superb and highly recommended, but haven’t seen a musical in the theatre since the weekend before Jessica was born and I do miss it. Maybe next year I will manage to catch a show in the West End! 🙂

  3. I am very lucky that I used to work in theatre and am a trained actor (although I never quite made the west end)… I think theatre is so important a tool for young people and a great way of showing them that there is more to life than TV and X-Boxes.
    I adore Les Mis, I always have, but I think for kids you can’t beat the Lion King – a friend of mine actually plays Pumbaa in the national tour.
    One I would recommend for you and the hubby (get in quick before it closes) is Once. Amazing score and a great story and cast. Enjoy! (I am jealous as all hell)


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