Love the little things #28

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 03:48 pm

It’s been a blistering hot week here in the states. We have been busy catching up with friends and family and going on many family adventures together. I can’t believe how emotional I have been being home this time with my kids, I think because they are older and now can make their own memories where I have made so many is a truly touching feeling. We are making the most of it that’s for sure. 


I am loving all the home and food magazines here. I think I have a huge stock pile now for ideas and wishlist galore. I already want to redo my front living room and dreaming of brighter colors. I scooped up one of my favorites HGTV which is a Home & Garden channel here that I have been watching while scrapbooking, I never knew until now there is a magazine too! Hurray! IMG_9708


Kenny Chesney – American Kids  

Apologies but we are in full catch up with all the new country songs here in the USA while I am visiting. There is nothing better driving down our country driveway blaring my country. I am truly HOME! 

Jake Owen- Beachin

To celebrate us at the beach this week, a place where I spent many, many weeks in the summer time as a child. I miss the beach so much but it’s good to watch my own kids running along the same sand and waves now, making their own summer time memories. 


I haven’t watched much tv/movies this week as the sun has been shining bright and we have been so busy on our USA adventures. But I did see the trailer for the new movie with Kate Hudson called – “Wish I was here” that I want to see. It comes out while I am here so just might have to grab my bestie and hit the movies one night. 


In true summer time fashion I am mixing it up with my pastel nail polish. I wasn’t too sure about the one finger and toe a different color look but actually it’s growing on me. This week I was styling the blue and yellow. Next week, it will be mint green with coral!



If you knew my mother, she is the ultimate crafter. Her craft shop is absolutely huge, as big as my whole top story of my house, no joke. And in it is every craft supply you can think of. I am a huge fan of scrapbooking the old fashion way and for Buba I made him a birth to 12 months scrapbook using all my mother’s fancy tools and accessories so it’s only fair to do the same for Missy Moo. I have only reached Christmas so far but we are getting there. I only wish I had all these supplies at home to continue to do more. The craft stores here are twice as big and twice as many options as the UK, if only I could afford the shipping.  


And lastly…

I know I have mentioned it a few (many) times but we are been to the beach a few times. I will be blogging about it later with all our fun photos but here’s a sneak peak at where we have been playing this week. 




18 thoughts on “Love the little things #28”

    • Haha exactly. Except while scrapbooking I have to watch it for noise lol only because my moms craft shop is in the woods and I don’t want to think of the wild animals outside while I am in there alone. Hahaha beach is amazing can’t wait to go again next week.

  1. Oh Jenny, your home looks so beautiful! I’m so jealous of Mommy LTM’s craft room – i want one so badly!! 🙂 Your beach photo at the end is gorgeous – such a stunning little family in a stunning place! Have a lovely weekend poppet xxx

    • Thank you so much darling. We are having so much fun. Oh I know I could go in her craft room and spend months and never come out of it. It’s heaven!!!

    • Thank you Sara, it’s been absolutely amazing and there is so many more things planned ahead. I just wish I had more time to take more photos and share every amazing moment on my blog, but I also want to enjoy the relaxing silence of it all too. It’s a fine line. lol But so amazing to be home.

  2. Loving the nail polish colors! So summery and very chic! I am absolutely jealous of all your beach time (we haven’t had time to go yet), and I cant wait to see you post talking all about it!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks Maria, yes we are enjoying the beach and our vacation back home to it’s fullest. I foresee a few more beach trips next week too. I love the beach and am so glad that both of my tots do too!

  3. Awh it looks like you are having a lovely time 🙂 Everything just looks so sun shiny and happy! I love the colours of your toes – the yellow and blue look fab together! Looking forward to seeing the coral and mint 🙂 I am a big fan of the beach, unfortunately here in Northern Ireland it often requires a warm coat when you go – it’s still beautiful though. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

    • Thanks Karen, so sweet of you. It’s been amazing so far. We are loving the beach and lots of family time. Definitely will be sharing more fab summer colors next week. lol

    • I am just as jealous. I save all my projects and buy all my supplies here and go nuts in her craft room and then ship everything home. lol She is always laughing at me. It’s heavenly.

  4. Aw Jenny this post is fab, so sorry I’m super late in coming over and commenting – don’t know where this week has gone.
    It sounds like you are having the best time over there and your mum’s craft room sounds heavenly.
    Right, I’m off to catch up on the rest of your posts! xx


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