Poem 61: A day at the beach

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 03:48 pm


Yesterday, I took my kids to the beach,

Where so many of my childhood memories were made, 

Along with my childhood best friend,

Whom helped make up those memories to date,

We took our kids together,

To build memories of their own,

So one day they can say, 

Here is the beach where we used to play,

It was a sentimental day,

While watching our kids together play,

Like we used to as kids ourselves,

Building sand castles in sun, 

Swimming in the lake,

Our summer time fun,

The day at the beach with best friends,

Was a very, very special day.

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11 thoughts on “Poem 61: A day at the beach”

  1. Hi,

    Nice poem reflecting your sentiments. Childhood memories are the best ones and we need to give the best to our children, so they can be happy seeing back.

    It is the most awesome feeling to see kids playing. Have a great week.


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