Siblings {July}

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 03:48 pm

“I got you Missy Moo, I won’t let go”.
(beautiful words from Buba as I took this picture of them sitting on a rock)
I first had my son and it filled my world with love that I never knew existed, then I gave him a sibling, a daughter I am equally in love with but what came as a surprise is how much it makes my heart melt to see the two of them love each other so much. It wasn’t automatic, Buba really didn’t take notice when Missy Moo was first born. He left her alone in her bassinet or peaked over to her if she cried but never really focused his attention on her until she started crawling. She then became his play mate, his new best friend and ever since not then they have been inseparable. He wants to include her in everything. The kisses, hugs or showing her how to do something never end even when she is tired and wants it to. He will tell anyone, “that’s my baby”. Buba is a natural big brother and very protective of his little sister. Knowing they having each other is the greatest gift of all as a mother.
They laugh together, 
They cry together,
They explore new things together,
They teach each other,
They hug and kiss each other,
They even fight together.
As siblings this duo is stuck like glue to each other.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, even on the days they pester and annoy each other. Even on the days they are too rough and hurt each other because it’s not long before they are loving up on each other again which is a beautiful thing. I hope they remain close throughout their lives, to have that special someone that will always be there to support and understand them completely.
I love that they can pester each other but no one else can or they both go into protective mode another the intruding child. It shows just how much they truly love each other. They get extremely jealous when other kids play with the other and not them like that’s “my” sibling not yours, back off. Buba is a good teacher, and likes to try to mother his sister to her annoyance but its highly entertaining. Although sometimes he doesn’t catch her eating that leaf behind his back but I know he is, for the most part, watching out for her and it’s a great feeling knowing that.
silbingsjuly4dear beautiful

8 thoughts on “Siblings {July}”

    • Yes its great for the most part and I am very grateful for it. Missy Moo isn’t so impressed when he is mothering her though hahahaha I love watching it though so entertaining.

  1. Oh Jenny, they sound just adorable. And so much like my two; fierce friends through and through. These photos are just gorgeous, they really capture how happy they are to be together. x

    • Thank you Lucy! They are having so much fun here in the states with all my family and together. It’s like their friendship really has blossomed even stronger. Thanks for hosting such a great photo project.


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