Me & Mine Family Project {March 2017}

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Me & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventures

We have hit the end of March of 2017. I have always love the month of March for so many reasons. Mother’s Day celebrations, Spring weather starting, time change for lighter evenings and normally my mother visiting for her birthday. While the latter couldn’t happen this year with my Dad being ill, we have been making huge plans for when she does finally get to visit again. March always feels like the happy month. Everyone has an extra spring in their step and the sunshine always makes more people smile and feel better about life.

I really can’t believe April is here tomorrow and we have half term and Easter just around the corner too. It always makes April go fast but I am looking forward to it.

We have been lucky in the month of March with not too many illnesses although MM is battling a horrible cough this week the rest of the month as been great. I think the weather changing always flares up a cough or too but nothing we can’t handle. The kids have been having one activity after another at school/preschool for the lead up to Mother’s Day and Easter. I baked 30 amazing chocolate cupcakes filled with my famous salted caramel sauce and buttercream frosting with a cut open creme egg on top for the Charity Bake Sale at my son’s school. I was the talk of the day which felt pretty special. They didn’t last the first half of the line by time I got there to see them. Sold like hot cakes, literally. We have made Easter bonnets, decorated eggs and all sorts for school charity funds. It’s been a really busy but fun month for us. I haven’t said that in a really long time.

While normally on my Me & Mine Family Project I only share a few family snaps of us. I thought this month I would share a few extra from our Mother’s Day out at Brockholes. It’s only a few minutes from our house and yet we have never been. It won’t be our last visit. It was amazing with a full carvery and sunshine all day. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. It’s nice to share our family dynamics and not just us as a four but hubby and I as partners, the kids as siblings, and us all playing together and individually because that’s what makes up our family unit.
Me & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventuresMe & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventuresMe & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventures

 We have so much fun outdoors as a family. This month we have made the most of our sunny days. The kids love climbing and going on adventurous walks through the woods, along the canals, on the playgrounds, and scooting in the parks. There is so much to do around us, we are very grateful for it all. As busy as we have been lately it seems this month has blurred past us.  The kids are growing like weeds, it’s never ending cycle of buying new clothes and selling the old ones on ebay. I get asked constantly, “What am I feeding them?”

Mommy is loving…

Vlogging once a week.

Back to reading books, daily.

Watching B win his first two swimming competitions – so proud!

Watching MM flip backwards on the bars at Gymnastics.

Having a hot weekend for Mother’s Day.

Daddy is loving…

The summer golf competition season has started.

Stealing my new car at every chance he gets.

Getting new garden plans in motion for May.

Doing math competitions with Buba.

Buba is loving…

Winning his first swimming competition and getting a medal.

Playing with Kynetic sand.

Learning how to ride a bike without training wheels.

His new scooter helmet.

Missy Moo is loving…

Having Mommy at preschool for a Mother’s Day afternoon tea.

Showing off in gymnastics as she moved up a level.

Learning how to ride a bike without training wheels the same day as her older brother (I was shocked).

Painting and drawing in her colorbooks.

Brushing and playing with Mommy’s hair.

Me & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventuresMe & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventuresMe & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventuresMe & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventures

Me & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventures

I had to share this above photo for a few reasons. One, because my family thought I wouldn’t share it and two, because this is the moment when I found a lovely spot to attempt a great family photo, got excited and everyone involved moaned, griped, and plain refused to come see. So I pulled the Mother’s Day card and said fine, I will take a family photo of just me, all alone on Mother’s Day (insert fake sad face). They soon perked up but only for one second before B was complaining below that it was too sunny and refused to open eyes, MM kept trying to dance around making her blurry in every photo and Mr P was left looking like he wanted to throw me and the camera into the water. Aren’t family photos fun? It’s the reality of it and it’s also a catch 22. Everyone loves the photos afterwards and the memories looking back each month is amazing but getting them to take the photos once a month can be tricky and down right frustrating. I still say it’s well worth it and they will all thank me when they are older and we have all these amazing snaps of us along our many adventures look back on.  Me & Mine Family Project March 2017 #myfamilyadventures

What family adventures have you been up to lately? Did you make the most of the warm weekend we had in March? I hope we have plenty of those to come in April ahead. Hope you have enjoyed our family project over the years, each month. The kids change and grow so much, each month, you really can watch them grow up in photos right before your eyes.  I love this project even if I can’t always get that perfect sun glowing family capture or ever get it but it’s the memories that count. I will look at these and think how silly MM personality is every time I try to capture her or how hard B likes to rock out on the wooden guitar.


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20 thoughts on “Me & Mine Family Project {March 2017}”

  1. Gorgeous photos – it’s so lovely to get outside in the sunshine again isn’t it! I totally understand the catch 22 of the family photo – they often seem like a hassle and people moan about them, but everyone loves looking back on them (and sometimes taking them is fun too – not always, but sometimes!) It looks like you all had such a lovely day out – I love the one of the three of them on the deckchair, all piled up! #meandmine

    • I know I should have had someone take me sat on the deckchair with them but we were afraid it wouldn’t hold us. lol Yes I agree we do have some pretty fun ones too. This month it was just more the griping than the fun but we still have memories to look back on surrounding them. Even if we don’t get the perfect picture we envision. It’s only about the memories.

  2. Haha that sounds familiar. I think after taking part in Me and Mine the last two years now hubby has finally gotten used to it now. Not so much the kids. It’s still hard to get them into the picture never mind both looking at the camera which you can see in our March family portrait. #meandmine

    • Oh yes we have that too. I know I have been doing this for four years now. You think they would all get it. lol 🙂 Getting anyone to look at the camera is a trick!

    • His face on the guitar was absolutely priceless he was really going for it too. Made me laugh so hard. It really is the various dynamics of the family that make the family unit. It’s the first time I shared not just the four of us all together but extras. Nice to look at the whole month for us all.

  3. Aww I LOVE these photos Jenny – you all looked like you had so much fun and well done on pulling out the mothers day card! I hope you have a gorgeous April and thanks so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures x

  4. Oh isn’t that the truth of it – everyone loves that we have taken family photos but if I had a pound for every “your mother’s joined the paparazzi” comments I could have a new camera!! Your pictures are gorgeous, what a glorious spot and the perfect weather to enjoy it 🙂

  5. Lovely photo’s as always, it sounds like you had a great month. Your cakes sound amazing I’m not surprised that they sold so quick.

    • Thanks Kerry, I love baking a good cake or two for a special event. It’s a great wow factor pleasing feeling. Too much calories for me to keep taste testing though. I must get better at making salads too. lol

  6. What lovely photos full or smiles. I can’t believe April is here already, my maternity leave is flying by! This is the first time I have visited your blog too – its really lovely. #MyFamilyAdventures

    • Thank you. That’s so nice of you to say. I can’t believe it either. Time seems to be flying by. Roll on summer in America again. lol Welcome for your first time, I hope it’s not your last and you enjoyed having a look around. It’s normally busier than it is right now but we have been away.

    • Thanks Ali, so sweet of you to say. It’s a definite catch 22 in our family they love the end photos not a fan of preparing for them. lol Except the silly ones those are fun!

    • Mother’s Day was fab, the weather made it that extra special being outdoors too. The sunshine has been good to us lately hasn’t it? May it long continue!!!

    • Oh thank you ever so much Fritha that means a lot to me. I am trying to do one a week but it’s a big learning curve. Need to get better at editing and faster too. I love it just wish I was better at it too.


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