The Month of March: Little Loves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:38 am

The month of March #littleloves vlog roundup

It’s Friday! Hip, hip, hooray! I am slightly excited for the weekend. Not that I had a bad week but just because we have so much planned this weekend and I love a busy weekend after a few lazy ones. We have playdates lined up if the weather permits and date night out with a couple of friends we haven’t seen in forever, and then I am off to Brighton for some work Sunday and Monday so it will fly by but I love that too.

It’s the end of the month, I am not sure where March went but it has been and gone. I am doing well with keeping up with my monthly #littleloves vlogs for them too. I thought I would share March Little Loves vlog this week instead of my normal written one. I go back and forth between loving writing them and doing them as videos. I think it’s nice to have a variety. I do apologize if it’s a bit long… I had so many things I wanted to share with you. Next time, I promise to shorten it but it is a WHOLE month of WHAT I AM LOVING for MARCH!

Has March been busy for you? What have you been reading, wearing, watching, making this month? Come join us in sharing over at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for Morgana’s weekly #littleloves roundup. 

8 thoughts on “The Month of March: Little Loves”

    • Ahhh I remember when I had a list a mile long to read and just was waiting for those early baby days to pass to read again. lol 🙂 Thanks lovely. I love dressing her in bright clothes.

    • I know I kept hearing about it but had other shows I was obsessing over and than it hit and now I am hooked but taking season 7 as slow as possible so I don’t have GG withdraws.

  1. What a great month round up! I absolutely LOVE the top you are wearing by the way. Where is it from? It’s gorgeous!
    I’ve added Leigh Bardugo to my list of must read authors. The books sound really gripping and I’ve definitely discovered some new places to shop for kids clothes thanks to your mini shops for your daughter. Last thing…I love the Easter cake! It looks so delicious. Good luck with your 2nd book 😀 xx #littleloves

    • Thanks Chloe, it’s from Oasis. I wear it all the time at the moment. lol I love small frills on the sleeves not big ones but just accents is great. Great author and something different to read too. Oh glad to give you a new shopping places for your little one. Easter cake was good. I am still drooling even after stuffing my face with it.

  2. What a great round up of the month. I love the Easter cake, your makes always look amazing. Sorry for the late comment.

    • Thank you so much Stacey. The cake came out amazing I was so excited. Although I ate way too much of it! A late comment is still loved better than a no comment my lovely. 🙂 Happy Easter!


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