Our dream trip for half term? The planet Mars!

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:38 am

It’s half term next week for most and the Easter week thereafter. I don’t know about you but we wanted to make it extra special with a dream trip to the planet Mars. Yes, that red planet. Who wants to stay on planet Earth? I envision Earth watching when the kids go to bed with the hubby and trying some amazing Mars cuisines in the mix too. We wanted to share with you our top 5 reasons we want to visit Mars. 

It’s a tricky one planning your half term holidays. On the one hand, you want to have a chilled out, relaxing, time off with the kids because they are absolutely knackered. On the other hand, you want to make the most of your time off with them because you don’t see them as much and get the opportunity to go somewhere different together. Normally, we are off to Ireland for our Easter celebrations with family but this year we are mixing it up. We sat down as a family and discusses all the new places we could go for half term this year, instead. The kids were absolutely delighted when we told them we have decided on the planet Mars for our dream trip. B shouted to see aliens and MM jumped up and down to get a week of no gravity.  

 5 reasons we want to visit Mars! 

1. Play Space Games: 

Forget visiting the park like we do every weekend, this half term, we want to kick it up a notch. I am not talking board games, we can do that at home. Mars has no gravity, I am thinking floating beach volleyball, bouncing soccer games, family gymnastic competitions on the sand. 

2. Playing in colorful sand:

Mars has vibrant sand on it, perfect for a day on the beach making sandcastles. I bet it’s way softer than the sand we have here on Earth. I asked the kids what they thought Mars’ sand would feel like and they said, “it would be like our play sand at home Mommy, hit it and it stays, squeeze it and it breaks”. I think they are referring to our kinetic sand they love so much at home. I have to say, I hope so because I am fond of the kinetic sand too. 

3. Star Gazing and Earth Watching:

We asked our friends that have just been to Mars what they thought of their trip. They said star gazing and earth watching was their favorite night. So we got out our favorite book “Aliens Love Dinopants” to get us excited about an evening of star gazing and to see if dinosaurs really float around Mars!

4. Eating Space Food: 

I am a huge foodie and the rest of the family will eat pretty much anything so on holiday, we like to dine out. I can imagine Mars has amazing cuisines we have never even heard of. I wonder what kind of spices they would use and what their specialty dishes would taste like. B thinks they will have food like us, here on Earth but everything will be green. MM said no, aliens don’t like vegetables only fruit. I think I can handle some green fruit, no problem. I think aliens mostly eat salads, they are always so tall and slender and it’s hot on Mars. I doubt they want to eat soup or stews.

5. Family Days Out in Space:  I bet their aquariums and themes parks are literally out of this world! The kids think the fish will all glow in the dark and have alien antennas. With it being our very first trip to the planet Mars, we have endless choices for days out. The Inter-planet Zoo is top on my list but the kids want to UFO airshow too. 

Either way, I am excited for our half term holiday that will be unlike anything we have ever done. Where are you off to this half term?? Have you thought outside the box and got the kids involved in the destination decision, like we have? They will appreciate the trip even more if they get to help pick out where you are going. Even if they come up with an off the wall location like my two did or they pick somewhere you wouldn’t have ever thought of. The most important thing to remember is it’s about planning your half term together as a family and having fun being creative together. 

You might be off to Mars too, if they have their way. Because why, not? Netflights has launched the TS48 spacecraft which is operating out of a top-secret location in the Lake District. To become a pioneer of the Netflights.space above and beyond earth flights, you can register your interest here: Netflights Space. Hurry, before all the tickets are sold!

*Collaboration with Netflights


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