Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Homeschooling

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023 at 09:47 am

With children working from home instead of being in their classrooms at school, there is a lot of upheaval and change. When you were in school and you bounced off the bus, excited to get in and see your teacher and friends, you remember that happiness and excitement. Your kids currently don’t have that excitement going on and trying to make homeschooling fun is another job that parents have to remember to do during COVID-19.

Homeschooled children are working with the people who they would usually show off to when they’ve done their work. While you supervise your child making awesome artwork. They won’t be excited to show it off as they would when they were making it at school. You’re already watching them over their shoulder. You still need to do what you can to make schoolwork exciting for children.

Whether you celebrate the length of time your kids are home educated with a 100 days of school shirt – especially made for them – or you have a Friday off every week, there are ways to make learning fun. Recognizing your child’s work is important, and we’ve got five ways you can celebrate homeschooling.

Use fun worksheets to keep the ways of learning varied. For young students use a collection of kindergarten printable worksheets and hands-on activities so you can make sure you aren’t repeating the same lessons. This will keep them engaged and focused longer.

Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Homeschooling

1. Display Their Work.

One of the best things that you can do to make home education fun for children is display their work. They can see you are proud of them and be proud too. Yes, it’s not the same as being able to bring it home and surprise you. However it can make the home feel like fun homeschooling too. If you hang their work on blank walls, the kids can see what they are achieving in unusual circumstances.

2. Stickers.

Children love to be praised, as do we all. No one is offering you stickers for your work, but you can do it for the kids! Offering a few sparkly stickers for their efforts is going to make a massive difference to the kids. You can really enjoy their happiness afterwards. Stickers can be added to workbooks and toddler worksheets, but they can also be added to reward charts. Your kids do everything for your approval – make sure you show them that they have it!

3. Video Call.

One of the best things that you can do is make home education fun is to bring in the family – even over video chat. Get Grandma to talk about her childhood and your child will learn a little history. They can talk them through cassette players, wars, the fact that they were born before Google – it’s all relevant to their learning. Knowing it’s coming from another family member will also help! Not only that, you need to consider letting them show off their work to other families. The feeling of accomplishment when they get praised? That’s priceless.

Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Homeschooling

4. Talk.

Talk to your children about what they enjoyed about their learning and build your teaching around their likes and dislikes. Showcase and elevate the things that they did well. Do it doubly for the things that they didn’t enjoy doing, too. Children need a little boost from time to time. If they know they can get that from you, they will be happier.

5. Show Off.

Binders with inserts are the perfect way to show off the work your kids are doing. Keep these to show them when they’ve grown up. It is also a wonderful way to record the work that they’ve done.

Aside from using binders with inserts, you should invest in spiritual books such as a specialized guard your heart bible. These books are made to demonstrate to kids how behavior and attitude are interconnected. Your children’s moral development can be aided by these specialized books.

Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Homeschooling


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