A Dinosaur themed 2nd Birthday party in lockdown

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Having a dinosaur themed 2nd birthday party in lockdown wasn’t what we had in mind for our baby’s 2nd birthday party. But has this year done anything but be unpredictable? More than ever before, we battled the unknown, like every other family, around the globe. Covid-19 struck us all but challenges every single one of us in different ways. Things like birthday parties became a no no.

second birthday party in lockdown

But we were going to let it stop us from celebrating our last baby’s 2nd birthday as a family. The power of the internet helped us to include those that weren’t allowed in our house at the time too.

I actually thought it made it that much more special, if I am honest. We went back to what really mattered and not all about how big, or where or what they got as presents from their friends. We turned Owie’s 2nd birthday party into a day of playing what he wanted to play and giving him 100% of our attention (not that we don’t always as he is a baby after all).

2nd birthday party

Dinosaur themed 2nd birthday party in lockdown includes:

It was a no brainer for the theme to be a Dinosaur themed 2nd Birthday party as O is absolutely obsessed with Dinosaurs and the color red. So I tried a mixture of decorations and had fun with the cake with what I had around the house already.

We decorated the house to celebrate him even though no one else was coming. I still felt it was important to make a fuss. He absolutely loved balloons (to my honor) so he even got a balloon arch. They are so easy to make yourself, never pay for one.

2nd birthday party with dinosaurs

I even took a crack at making a little birthday cake for him with dinosaurs on it. Wasn’t how I envisioned as cakes aren’t my speciality. I basically just cut dinosaur cupcake holders in half and stuck them to the sides. Simple.

We also made our famous Marshmallow Pops. The kids love making them with me. And pulled out all the garden games we could find in the cupboard.

dinosaur themed birthday party

I bought the dinosaur decorations from my absolute favorite party decorations shop. They do all themes for everything so elegantly. It’s called Ginger Ray. You must check them out. I used old rainbow colors tablecloth and bunting I had from a previous child’s birthday party. I like to recycle if I can.

Because we didn’t have a house full of family and friends, his siblings doted on him all day called him “King of the day!”They ran and got him snacks and drinks and served him like a true King should be served. He loved it. They all squealed with laughter.

I always get a little sentimental on my kid’s birthdays. I see them growing up before my very eyes and think it all goes too quick. Because Owie is my last baby, each milestone marks the end of that stage. Soon I won’t have any babies in the house again and that will feel so weird to me.

I am equally as excited to watch him grow up though too. His personality is in bursting and he is very vocal. He makes us burst with laughter with the things he says. I think he is a very old soul. He says things that most little toddlers wouldn’t ever say. But he is full of compassion and empathy too.

It’s at this age where everything is new and changing all the time. Each week, he learns something and repeats it. Each day, he gets more independent and needs me a little less.

But we didn’t let lockdown stop us from celebrating his special day. With both his siblings birthday coming up, I think we will be pros at these lockdown birthday celebrations.

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