Lego Marshmallow Pops For A Kid’s Birthday Party

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My kid’s asked for a Lego Birthday Party theme this year for their double celebration at my parents house. Each summer we throw them a huge bash and invite all our extended family and friends in the America. It’s a great way to not only celebrated them both but to get a family reunion in too. Both my kid’s were due on the same day, while they didn’t make their due date either of them, one being late and one being early their birthdays still fall pretty close. They love having their celebrations with my family and all their second and third cousins.

It’s always my momma’s job to make the cake. Have a peak at my instagram feed to see her absolute masterpiece of a Lego Cake. She pulled all the stops out even making 90 some fondant dots to create edible legos on it. WOW! I know! She is incredible.

Why Lego Marshmallow Pops?

Free From Gluten And Dairy

I wanted to make something Lego themed for the party. My kids absolutely love marshmallows. Since B can’t eat cake or ice cream I wanted him to have a treat too. These pops are gluten free and dairy free, and if you buy vegetarian marshmallows it can be a great vegetarian party treat too.

Quick And Easy To Make

These are so easy and quick to make. I learned a few things on the way that I can share with you too down below. I let the kids make the Lego case to hold them so they felt involved too, but they could actually help with making the marshmallow pops themselves – they are that easy!

They Can Be Made Ahead

If you are having a big party lego head marshmallow pops can be made in advances and stored for up to a week. On the day of the party you can just put them out with no fuss. The candy coating protects the marshmallows from drying out.

Giant marshmallow, lollypop sticks, yellow candy melts and edible ink lying on a white surface
White giant marshmallow, mini marshmallows, lolly sticks and scissors lie on a counter, with the start of lego marshmallow pops below
The hands of a woman making lego marshmallow pops, with the ingredients below
White marshmallow pops lie on either side of a jug containing yellow chocolate dots

Easy For Kids To Make

Why not get the kids involved in the making of their own Lego pops? It would be a great rainy day activity and they will love making their creations as much as eating them. If you are artist you can look on pinterest for hundreds of Lego faces to draw. I stuck with the original smiley face as I am not artist in the slightly. Speaking of Pinterest I made you a pinnable photo below don’t forget to save this to your party treats or Lego boards please!

Lego Party Theme

Do your kid’s love Legos as much as mine? Lego is one of the easiest party themes ever. We had so much fun using the kid’s toy legos both big and small that they already had as decorations and using other primary colored party decorations to match and go with it. Don’t forget to check my instagram direct link above to see the awesome LEGO birthday cake my mother made she is truly talented. Marshmallow pops in the shape of yellow lego heads yellow Lego marshmallow pops in a base made out of multicoloured lego bricks yellow Lego marshmallow pops in a base made out of multicoloured lego bricks

Lego Marshmallow Pops Stand

I love that we could use the kid’s legos as the vase to our Lego Marshmallow Pops. Just make sure you have enough loose legos in there to hold your Marshmallow Pops up right. Or I used a floral foam block underneath to stick them in and laid the loose legos on top of it. It makes for a great centerpiece and more decorations for the party.

What do you think of my Lego Marshmallow Pops? Would your kids like to make some, try it out and tag me on social media @letstalkmommy I always love seeing families try our quick, easy, and fun recipes out together! You can also check out what I did for a Paw Patrol party or if you’re looking for some savoury party snacks then check out my ham and cheese nibbles.yellow Lego marshmallow pops in a base made out of multicoloured lego bricks

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    • Thanks Emma, that’s so sweet of you to say. The kids were over the moon with these and the cousins all loved them too. Definitely will make more in the future especially for those rainy day fun projects in the kitchen.

  1. These are delightful! Wish I’d known about these when my boys were little, they would have loved to make /eat them!


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