Gin Lemonade & Basil – Summer Cocktails

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Gin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipe

It’s summer time, what better way to cool down than with homemade summer cocktails. I am a huge fan of homemade lemonade so I thought I would take my yummy zesty lemonade and turn it into a new favorite cocktail this summer. Who doesn’t love Gin too? I have heard of the combination of lemon and basil being a hit so I came up with this lovely concoction that turned out to be a winner for our family reunion. It’s a zesty and herbal take on the gin and tonic. 

One of my favorite things about summer is gathering family and friends to bask in the sunshine and catch up. Each summer, we come to the states to do just that. I am not a big drinker but there is something so refreshing about sipping on summer cocktails when it’s hot outside. We are almost always guaranteed the weather here on the West Coast too. It just goes hand in hand to create a delicious drink everyone will love. 

If you want to make this for kids just exclude the Gin. It’s the perfect lemonade punch for them too. Make one serving for the adults and one serving for the kids. To keep from mixing up the wrong ones, why not use orange slices to decorate the kids pitcher or a little food coloring for a virgin cocktail, they will love and enjoy alongside you. Gin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipeGin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipe

Sharing summer cocktails in the sunshine with my family was such a memorable day. We played games, we caught up on the year apart and all that the family has been doing since we last were together. I hate being so far away from them but it really makes the time we spend together that much more special and important. Summer time is definitely my favorite part of the year for more reasons than the sunshine and fun. Life is all about family to me and I feel so blessed for the family I have around me, to share life experiences with.

Gin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipe

Gin Lemonade & Basil Cocktail

a zesty and herbal infusion cocktail for summer
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  • 4 cups Your favorite Gin
  • 2 cups Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1 lemon sliced
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 cup soda water or tonic water
  • 6 Torn basil leaves


  1. Gently muddle torn basil leaves in large pitcher
  2. Add Gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda water or tonic water
  3. Stir well and add a few lemon slices to serve
Gin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipeGin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipe

Are you hosting a summer party or having a family gathering soon? Why not, try out this summer cocktail and let me know what you think. You can always add more lemon juice or soda water /tonic water to make it to your preference. I love the tangy flavor and add more lemon juice in mine whilst my mom preferred hers with more soda water. It’s a whole new version of gin and tonic for this summer. 

Don’t forget to pin the image below to one of your summer Pinterest boards. It’s a great way to get social and impress those guests. You can store it in the fridge up to three days. I used mason jars to give it a country vibe for our family reunion but you can serve it in your favorite cocktail glass for a fancier style gathering. You can dress this recipe up or down with sugar rimmed glasses and lemon slices. Take it to the beach with umbrellas poking out. Your options are endless. 
Gin Lemonade & Basil A Summer Cocktail recipe



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