My first born turns five

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My first born turns five years old birthday celebrations

Today, my first born turns five years old. In some ways, it has gone so fast I really can’t believe it and in other ways it seems like he has always been part of the family. Already we have made so many memories as a family together and travelled to see various parts of the world. I hope in his five years alive we have made them a great start to his life. I know his time at home is only small in terms of his entire life but I am so grateful I get the first eighteen or so years with him. I get this special time at the beginning where he is learning, experiencing, exploring, and changing along the way. 

After recently finishing his very first year of school, I realized just how much he changed and grew this year. Since starting school, it seems he has matured too. He truly is no longer my shy little baby but a little dude walking around with attitude and confidence. He seems so different now than the toddler he once was. I guess that happens with most kids but somehow seems strange how fast it has past us by.

We had a chilled out family day and did the fun things B wanted to do to celebrate as the kids have a double birthday party next week with all our family and friends. I asked him what special things he wanted to do and wanted to eat to make it feel like a special day for him. I love that he keeps it simple. He doesn’t ask for a lot most of the time. It was his normal weetabix breakfast warmed up which made me laugh. We had craft time with paper, scissors, tape and a pencil. For two hours, we made random shapes and boxes with our materials. It got hot outside so he helped me wash the car for Grandma which was hilarious watching him and his sister wash and dry it, completely soaked with suds up to their ears. It was time for some swimming and dinner. Dinner was no gourmet either he wanted this pasta dish I make with swirled pasta, beef, peas, and a cream cheese sauce. No problem there and I made a little yogurt for dessert since he shouldn’t have ice cream and hates cake. We sang him happy birthday over his yogurt smoothie and he made me tear up, “oh thank you Mommy for singing me Happy birthday that was the best part of the entire day”. Talk about a sentimental kid. It took everything I had to not squeeze him hard and cry on his shoulders. 

My first born turns five years old birthday celebrations

I never thought I would be an emotional parent. I wasn’t very sensitive or emotional about much before I had kids but since they arrived it’s like someone opened a flood gate somewhere and forget how to turn it off. It can be the simplest things my kids say or do that get me going. 

B is such a loving little boy. He has a heart of gold and wears it on his sleeve. He isn’t afraid to show his emotions either and the affection he has for his family is always flooding out. Today was so special for me too just doing the things he loves the most without the camera without a hundred party goers in the house. Just me, him and his sister, of course too. He wouldn’t ever do anything without his sister. We laughed, we giggled, we were silly, we played, we swam, we ate, we were merry and bright. That’s what a real birthday celebration is all about, love and family. 

I look at him and wonder what he will be and where his life will take him after our time living together. What things he will study and who he will date. I am curious if he will stay close to home or if he will venture out far. No one can say but I love envisioning what my kids will be like when they are adults. What decisions they will come back and ask my opinions on or if we will stay close. I hope we will always stay close in our hearts even if physically we are far apart as I am with my own family. The future holds so much for us all and each year really should be celebrated as much as possible. 

My baby is now five years old. I know each year its only going to get faster and faster. He has really come out of his shy shell as a toddler into a little boy that’s curious, adventurous, and outspoken. He is looking more and more like his Daddy each and every day too. It won’t be long before he is taller than me and I have to look up at him to show him how much I love him. No matter how tall he gets and how old he turns, he will always be my first little, baby boy. 

My first born turns five years old birthday celebrations

My first born turns five years old birthday celebrations

Happy Birthday B, Mommy, loves you! xo

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    • Thank you Kim we had such a lovely family day and party coming soon. I can’t believe how fast each year feels as it passes us by. They grow up way too fast.


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