Siblings {August 2016}

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Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project
My parents live in the deep dark woods much like the famous Gruffalo as my kids would say. There are woodlands, rivers, lakes and ponds all around us. We have mountains and the animals that come with them. We make the most of mother nature by exploring each and every bit of it as much as we can. Whether it’s story time on a blanket before bed as the sun sets or an afternoon walk through the grassy fields at the end of the driveway we try to take a stroll each day. The kids love this way to unwind and explore. We plan on building a fort in the wood when the kids are a little older and they have been helping gather ideas and pick out the spot for it. As they get older, each year, there is always something else new to do and new to see. I love that aspect of where my parents live.

I took advantage of growing up here and not knowing how amazing it truly is. I didn’t appreciate everything we could do during the summer, I just did it. The kids I hope have a better appreciation for the things we do here because it’s not an everyday occurrence to them. Either way, I know they love the adventures we go on. I find that each summer when we get here and spend so much more time outdoor they bicker less, they fight less, they get grumpy less, and they just are so much easier spending most of the day light hours outdoors. We are soaking up all the sun we can to store for winter in England.
Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project
We walk down the driveway and are instantly greeted by grassy fields wide open. Sometimes we spot Deer or Moose in the grass and keep our distance to watch. Other times, it’s clear and we run through it like wild animals ourselves and have a good time. Kids love to run wild and free so it’s a favorite for the kids when they have had enough swimming or playing in their playhouse or sandbox by the house. When they just want to roam around and explore. We gathered pine cones one day and the next we put a blanket down to stare at the clouds above us and find funny shapes in the sky. I try to teach them to use their imagination and find something amazing in everything they see and experience.
Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project


The constant sunshine and heat.


Playing with friends.

A Paw Patrol double birthday party.

Seeing all their cousins.

Going camping for the first time ever.

Trying a s’more after roasting marshmallows.

Taking family walks in the afternoon.

The play ground down town.

Beach days.

The constant family adventures and friends visiting.

Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project

This photo above reminds me so much of my brother and I when we were little. I am sure my mother probably has a very similar photo of us just like this in this exact spot. The kids were playing with the grass and laughing about some inside joke I wasn’t allowed to be in on. I love knowing they have a relationship beyond what I have with them. It’s between them only. They bond in a way, only siblings can bond and understand. I give them the space and freedom to have them and share it between them. It’s one of my favorite things to step back and just watch them bond and be together. Their conversations are getting more entertaining as they get older too. I keep say I am going to record it someday to play back to them when they are grown up.
Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project
I truly can’t believe how much they have grown this summer. In the short time we have been here this time their clothes have either shrunk or someone snuck them miracle growth. Outfits that were hanging off them only weeks ago now are riding up and making their very last appearances. Some lay sadly unworn for MM who had a growth spurt and even her shoes don’t fit anymore. I foresee a shopping spree happening before we return back to England in two weeks.

I can’t believe we only have two more weeks left here for the summer. I am so sad we didn’t have the long two months we normally have with my family and friends. We haven’t had the chance to see everyone yet and I am already panicking that our last days here will be absolutely packed and I will have to leave without seeing some. Last year, we had so much more time to spend with everyone and even snuck in a trip to Vegas and Seattle, this year that just couldn’t happen again. It sounds crazy but we have so many to spend time with that six weeks is barely enough time but we are ever so grateful to have any time back home with our family and it’s always a blast how ever long it lasts.
Siblings Project August 2016 a family portrait project

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  1. How wonderful that their home away from home is such a beautiful part of the world, it sounds truly idyllic! I know what you mean about not knowing it until you don’t live there any more, I grew up on the Devon coast and spent all my summers at the beach and it still feels strange to me that my children will only ever see that as somewhere to go on an expedition not just because it’s 4pm and time for a swim! I hope your last few weeks were filled with lots and lots of friends and family so you can come to England-home all full up on sunshine and happiness!

    • Thanks Carie. Love your comments so true. I know what you mean. I have packed in as much as we possibly could but we unfortunately all got sick the last week so it’s been a little tricky for days out and spending time with other kids while coughing and not wanting to spread germs. Tomorrow is our last day sadly.


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