July Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:59 pm

me & mine july family project

You might just see ordinary snaps of a family of five here. I see possibly our last trip to our family home in America. A place where I grew up, I got married at, my eldest two children took their very first steps at. A home I have so many memories both in childhood and in adulthood here. After the passing of my Dad the house my parents lived in will have to sell. It’s so hard to be here without him this year. It feels like something missing, a hole in the routines and memories being made. While he will forever be in our hearts as will this place, it’s hard to say goodbye to both this year. So we are documenting it as best we can to look back on. We aren’t venturing out for days out, theme parks and nearby city visits like we normally do. We are staying home, soaking it up and spending quality time together.

I wanted for our Me & Mine photos this month to showcase the place where we spend our summers in the garden. Playing around in the garden, in the river, in the pool and in front of the house. It’s views are breath taking. I hope my children remember a little of their summers here. We are excited for the next adventure with Grandma. We will still visit every summer and spend the time with my mom and our extended family in the area. It will just be a slightly different kind of holiday for us in the coming years.
me & mine july family project


Golf with Buba in the sunshine.

Hanging out with his brother in law (my brother).

Swimming in the lake.



Being home.

Introducing baby to the family.

Making summer memories in America.



Jumping off the dock at the lake.

Learning how to cut firework with his uncle.

Being asked to be ring bearer at his uncle’s wedding.



Playing barbie dolls with her bestie Kin (my best friend’s daughter).

Being asked to be flower girl at her uncle’s wedding.

Having a sleepover with her cousins.



His first swimming experience.

Cuddles from his extended family.

Being spoiled rotten by his siblings.

me & mine july family project

We still have a month left of our vacation here. Daddy leaves in two days along with my siblings and then it’s just Grandma and the kids and I. We have a few things planned for us to do together. A whole lot of cousins coming to visit and play here too. We are soaking as much of just being with each other as we can this year. With a new baby boy in tow, it’s great just getting to grips with being a family of five. Taking that extra step back from everything and enjoying each other fully. I can tell the kids are better for the extra attention and the fresh air in the great outdoors.

I will have plenty of videos to share with you when we get back as wifi is very limited here to get them up while we are visiting. It’s been such an honor over the years to grow up here, bring my kids back each summer to make memories with them too. At 5 and almost 7 years old, I hope they will have some kind of memories of this place. If not, at least we have enough photos and videos to help them remember along the way.

me & mine july family project

It’s been an extremely emotional month and coming home a tough journey. We had my Dad’s celebration of life party the first week we were here and it was one of the hardest things I had to get through. My family has been changed forever losing him. I have been changing forever losing him. Now, we will build a new routine and a new family life with his memory in our hearts.

2 thoughts on “July Me & Mine Family Project”

  1. What a beautiful spot Jenny – the view is absolutely breathtaking! I’m sure you have so many wonderful memories of growing up there -saying goodbye to a childhood home is such an emotional thing. Enjoy the rest of your trip – I hope the children love having their cousins around, mine certainly do! It’s very very loud but very happy when they’re all together! xx

  2. Such beautiful photos of the five of you in the garden of your family home. I can imagine that this holiday must be incredibly bittersweet for you – being there without your dad and knowing that it’s the last summer at your family home. Having a quieter summer and making those memories there sounds like the best way to spend your holiday. I am sure that B and MM will remember their time there and have happy memories to look back on. Hope you manage to make lots of happy memories this summer. #meandmineproject


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