Christmas in July, Tractor rides, and home

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It’s been different this year coming home for the summer. On the one hand, with the year we have had, it’s good for us all to be together. It’s good to hug my mom and see friends. More family are flying in today so I can see my siblings and more extended family too. On the other hand, it’s been emotional and hard. Not having my dad here just seems like a big hole missing in our summer adventures. The thought that it could be our last in the family home also has been a hard thing to swallow. So we are soaking up just being together at home this year. There will be no extended adventures to theme parks or camping trips, or Seattle and Vegas for the weekend like we normally do. This summer, it’s just about family and soaking up the family home as much as possible.

But we won’t let this keep us from smiling, laughing and making some awesome memories together as a family of five. Our first summer vacation together.  The kids have been spoiled rotten by Gramma already. They love jumping on the riding lawnmower with her like they used to do with Papa.


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One of the things I love the most being home besides the obvious reasons is the slower pace of life here. We can take each day as it comes. We don’t have to have any plans and we can stay in our pjs long after acceptable or even go outside in them. I read more when I am here. I don’t have the want to sit in front of the tv with a view over the river and a hot tub with a view too, all you need is a good book to enjoy either every night until dark. I have a bunch of books at my parents house to get through this summer. I have started the book “Four” which is part of the Divergent series that I really liked last summer. I also bought the whole set of the Mortal Instruments series. It’s young adult fiction but I love a bit of sci-fi/fantasy in the summer. I even got my mom reading them.

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The laughter and squeals from the pool from the kids. My niece is my kids age and between the three of them, it’s like their own party every day in the garden. They run from the trampoline, to the pool, to the slip and slide and back again. It’s always fun watching my siblings kids and my kids play and bond together. I can’t wait for more of my nephews to arrive this weekend to join them too.

My best friend and her two beautiful girls came over for a playdate and we have been to their house to eat fresh pea pods and raspberries straight out of their garden. The kids chased their chickens and played on the swings. I love giving them more of a country life here with our friends. We grew up together and now our kids get to do the same. Having had our first daughters on the same day  its extra special getting our families together. We now both have had another baby since last summer too. Our kids have such a great bond together and I hope they always have that as we have done.

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Have you seen my latest vlog? I willing be uploading another one this weekend and one next week when I get to visit civilization. Unfortunately my parent’s internet can’t hack a simple video upload on youtube so vlogging every week is hard here. I have the rest of my Walt Disney World videos coming up on how to plan and effectively use the Disney App for a stress free vacation too. IF you have any questions you want answered comment below before I record it. Would love you to watch and comment on this one please?

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Yesterday, I wrote about my post baby summer outfits and how I fell in love with a one piece swimsuit for an outfit. I don’t know why I didn’t’ try this look years ago especially for beach holidays. It’s easy to go from the pool or beach to the shops and dinner by pairing it with shorts or skirts and a kaftan. No more having to pack separate outfits for a day out. Check out my favorite one piece swimsuits and three post baby summer outfits here.

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I plan on getting back to recipes next week after all the family have left and it’s just us at my parents house. When visiting has finished and it’s time to get back to work. I have some yummy summer recipes for you to throw together and a few Slimming World ones that I have been concocting for my IGTV channel too. Stay tune.and lastly to share

We got the best surprise ever when we got to my parents house. Christmas in July! My mom has longed for years to have my kids experience a Christmas with her in the family home and it just never has happened. So with the possibility that next Christmas she might not live here anymore she decked out the entire house like Santa’s Grotto. When we landed the kids and I got spoiled with Xmas presents. She got her wishes and it was a lovely distraction from the empty armchair where my Dad normally would have been waiting for us. My kids now want to know do we get Christmas in July every summer.

I hope you have been loving our holiday spam on instagram. You can always find us on ig stories for a good daily catch up. Do pop over and say hello. We love sharing our adventures even if we aren’t venturing out far and wide this year. There is still plenty to share and do out in the mountains.

What are you up to this summer? Would love to know, comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas in July, Tractor rides, and home”

  1. What a magical surprise from your mum and a beautiful story to remember and share of Christmas in July. I really enjoy your American posts, there’s little differences between the countries but it’s all family life and how we create our own families. Hope the weekend goes well for you and gives you comfort and peace.

  2. I’ve been thinking about you flying home without your dad being there to greet you all for the first time, it must be so hard. But how amazing is your mom organising Christmas in July for you all, what a wonderful thing to do. I love seeing what you all get up to over in the States every summer and it sounds like you’re having a ball and just enjoying each others company. Have a great summer x

  3. That is so sweet of your Mom to do Christmas in July I bet the kids were beside themselves. And I bet the slower pace of life is the best way too chill together after the last couple of months you have had. You must miss your best friend and getting back together will be such a treat. I am loving your holiday spam so keep it coming x

  4. Oh my goodness Jenny, what a precious thing for your mom to have done! Not having your dad there must just be so hard for you all – mixed emotions I’m sure. Looks like you had a lovely time with your best friend. Enjoy the break. xx


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