February Siblings Project + Disney Giveaway

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It’s been all things Disney at the moment. With a four and six year old, it’s the perfect age to feel the magic and be engrossed in all the Disney characters at this stage. Every time a new movie comes out, the kids and I love to go watch it at the theatre. Right away, I can tell if they are going to be begging for new Disney character toy or the soundtrack when we leave the movies. Sometimes those fun tunes just stick in your head and other times those characters are just so lovable you want one of your own.  Disney Pixar Coco was a sure character win for us! The kids have loved playing with their new Coco and co-stars Dante Alejibre and Pepita. I got excited to hear Coco is already at Disney too.

We are so excited to be on our first ever family trip to Walt Disney World. In fact, we are there now. Have so much more Disney love to share with you all coming soon.

February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway

We only have a few months of watching these two bond and grow just the two of them in their sibling dynamics. While I don’t think a new baby will change the way they love each other or are close, it’s inevitable that a new baby will change the family dynamics as a whole. How could it not? One more person to love, bond with, cherish, become a part of our family unit. I can’t wait to see how these two will be big siblings to their new baby brother. I wonder how it will change them individually.

It’s one of those things you try to imagine. Will the older one be the protector? Will sissy become like a second mother? Or will jealousy creep in at the beginning or at all? Will they rally together to be both helpers and great with the new baby?

I hope and feel like it will be the latter but either way I am excited to add a third sibling to the mix and document how they will get on as we go along becoming a family of five. I have always wanted at least three children, it’s like a dream come true. I also think it’s great having an oldest boy and youngest boy while my little girl is in the middle. It’ makes that middle child sydrome not a thing in my eyes. She will forever be the only girl, the only princess of the household. She has a big brother to protect her and a little brother to mother and baby. I think it’s the perfect combination. Whilst a girl with lots of brothers herself, at first I hoped for a sister for her, I think this is a great dynamic to have.

This month is flying by, how can we be in the middle of February. We are currently on half term holiday for one last family trip of four before baby arrives. Hopefully it’s going smoothly and the weather is treating us kindly. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

The kids have been ill constantly since Christmas so it’s been nice to see the back end of horrible coughs, snotty noses, and and tummy bugs. I think we have clearly caught them all so hopefully moving into warmer climates for us and smooth sailing with a lot to look forward to ahead.

February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway


Setting off to Disney World.

Warmer weather in Florida.

Finally some park bike riding days out.

Not being sick anymore.

Getting excited for baby’s arrival.

Feeling the baby kick hard now.

Granny spending the day with them before we left at the park.

Playdates with friends.

Their new Disney Coco character toys.

February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway

The kids had their parent teacher conferences last week. We were blown away with some awards that B received that we didn’t know about. We were even told he stopped a fight on the playground from two boys and told them we all can play together and got them to both play a game with him. Talk about a proud Mommy moment. I cried in front of B’s teacher during the conference as she showed me the prayer B wrote for the school bulletin that said, “I pray for my baby brother, he isn’t born yet but I know he will be amazing.” Oh that boy, gets me every time. It was great to hear that MM loves numbers like her brother. She is getting more confident every day in reception too. I love when you can come away from parents evening and be reassured they are happy and thriving at school.

February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway February Siblings Project Disney Pixar Coco character toys giveaway

You can see the full range and including these plush toys above in the Disney Store UK full range here.

So it’s been a busy few weeks and everything centered around all things Disney as you can see. Packing and preparing for our Disney trip, new Disney Coco toys, and Disney apps and games on their new tablet. Phew, good thing we are Disney lovers in this house!!! We thought as a special treat we would share some Disney love and host a giveaway for one lucky reader to WIN their own Disney Pixar Coco character Hector Toys below:





Disney Pixar Coco review and Hector Giveaway


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89 thoughts on “February Siblings Project + Disney Giveaway”

  1. Yes we have seen it, my five year old daughter loved it, our favourite character has to be his grandmother Abuelita my five year old daughter said she was crazy xxx

  2. P.s I have tried following the link on rafflecopter and your blog but it won’t load your Pinterest page so I can follow you xx

  3. yes!! we absolutely loved it especially my son Harry, his favourite is Miguel mine would have to be Hector…we’ve constantly got the coco loco and remember me songs stuck in our heads now though lol

  4. I just have to say that I squealed when I saw this giveaway! Yes I have seen Coco, but I was in love with it even before that. Ever since I saw that it was coming out, I was so excited, because I love Mexicana. When I went to Florida in December, it had already been out in the US, so I was able to get a few toys etc. I then waited a couple of months to watch it back in the UK and it is so beautiful! I don’t even know who my favourite character is, because they are all amazing in their own way. I think if I had to choose, it would be Miguel, so cute!! I really hope I win this for my son (read: For me!) thank you so much for the giveaway.

    • Oh hope you win then so awesome. Yes I love that you can catch things earlier in the states. We try to do that in summer before things come to the UK. Such a great movie.

  5. Gorgeous photos of B and MM with their Coco toys. I hope you are having a wonderful time at Disney World. It will be interesting to see how having a third child will change the dynamics and I think you’re right that with MM being the only girl, it will help to ease any middle child syndrome. Well done to B for breaking up a fight and getting everyone to play nicely together – I can imagine that must have been a proud moment for you. #siblingsproject

  6. We haven’t seen it yet but my 2 eldest are desperate to! Their favourite film is Book of Life and I think there are a few similarities, be interesting to see how they compare 🙂

  7. Haven’t seen Coco yet, grand daughters are full of cold so hopefully when they are better we can all go see it, looks fabulous as always!

  8. we havent seen it yet but are planning on going this weekend, both kids were poorly during the holidays so we never got round to it

  9. I haven’t seen it but my autistic nephew went. I was a little apprehensive about him going as he doesn’t like things that aren’t considered ‘normal’. He went and he loved it!


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