Love the little things #46

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:16 am

Happy Friday Everyone! I am hoping everyone has big plans for the weekend. It seems we are ever so busy leading up to Christmas. I can’t believe it’s just around the corner. I am very excited that this year the kids are old enough to get more involved in the magical of it all.

While we all count down till Christmas let’s have a peak at the little things I am loving this week with Butwhymummywhy and the #littleloves crew.


After attending BlogFest last week, I finally had a moment to dig through the amazing goody bag and kick back to have a read of the Red Magazine within it. I came across this article and it made me chuckle, I swear it was screaming just at me! I really do need to have a calm Christmas this year. Red Magazine


We all know I am a huge country music fan (to most of your annoyances) and have loved Taylor Swift from the start. I do have to say though I am loving her move over to the pop music side and her new sound!


Have you seen my new YouTube channel? I have been branching out and here is my latest video I have been dissecting, “How to sell your kids clothes on eBay”. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s efficient. Let me know what you think? Any advice is always welcome!


As the days go colder it’s time to pull out those cozy clothes and  put on those warm winter boots. This season I have fallen in love with the ankle boots that are lining the shops. I got the great opportunity to test out these gorgeous black leather and patent detailed ankle boots from Damart. I haven’t had them off my feet all week. They are the perfect go-to boot for winter. They have a zipper up the side for easy on and off access. I can’t rave enough about how comfort they are. I have funny shaped feet I find it hard to find boots that don’t squeeze and hurt my feet so when I say comfortable to me, it really means comfortable. I absolutely love where my with ruffled ankle socks. A look I never thought I would pull off but I am quite obsessed with now.

Damart cardigan and winter ankle boots

There is nothing I love more than having an excuse to wear big snuggly sweaters, thank you winter. This longline thermal cardigan is super soft and I absolutely love the colors of mixed greys and pastel threads throughout it. When I want to dress up my winter cozy sweaters I put a belt around it at the waistline. It goes great with leggings and jeans too for a more casual look! Long cardigans, belts around my waist and ankle boots are pretty much the “look” I go for all winter long.

Damart sweater clothing and winter ankle boots

They pair so nicely together. What do you think? Have you been wearing anything warm and cozy lately? What’s your winter look?


This week I have refrained from creating my own recipes and have been testing out the fabulous recipes of my new cookbook. This Spicy Apple Oats recipe was delicious.

Spicy Apple Oats Recipe Cookbook ParragonAnd lastly…

I was excited to get the last minute chance to go to BlogFest in London this past weekend. Whilst I probably should have stayed in my bed and got rid of my cold I jumped on the train instead. I was greeted with so many amazing familiar faces and some very inspiring new ones. It was such a great experience I am glad I went. I learned so much and my “to-learn” and “to-do” lists just got so much longer. It’s amazing how a group of strangers can motivate you in the most positive ways ever! I have been inspired! BlogFest 2014 Mumsnet Towers

23 thoughts on “Love the little things #46”

  1. Ooh, I love your little loves this week Jenny! Those apple oats look delicious, and you look so pretty in your modelling shots. You could totally do that professionally too, which does not surprise me in the slightest! Fab that you had such a good time at Blogfest. I was sorry to not be able to make it. Have a lovely weekend poppet xxx

  2. I was at blogfest too 🙂 I had such a fun day and enjoyed the gins in the evening!

    You have such a pretty blog and the clothes are beautiful, I now want to go and buy them all!!!

    Em xxx

  3. I absolutely love your long cardi Jenny and those pictures look very professional – like you’re doing professional modelling? Nothing like a comfy shoe either – especially if they’re a bit fashionable too. I will check out your You Tube vid although just recently I got so fed up of huge bags of clothes lying around that I gave most of them to a children’s charity fair. I so need to read that article on how not to have a Christmas breakdown – I’m halfway there already 😉 Have a fab weekend honey Xxx #littleloves

  4. Love the clothes, your cardi is gorgeous and great modeling shots.
    Must be the time of year for illnesses, I was so poorly at the start of the week. I’ve not felt that bad in years. Glad it didn’t stop you from going to Blogfest xx

    • It probably should have kept me home. Lol horrible isnt it. Sorry you have been sick too. I wouldnt call it modeling hahahah i wish. The lighting was so bad but the cardi and boots i love.

  5. Jenny you look amazing! Loving your style and I love the boots! Spicy Apple Oats look lovely! Looks like you all had an amazing time at BlogFest! x

    • Thanks hunny that’s very sweet of you. Wish the photos were a little less grainy but it was so gloomy and I wanted to share them. The spicy apple oats were a huge hit with the kids too! BlogFest was great but I wish I hadn’t been so sick and to fully enjoy it!

  6. High five to a fellow country music fan!!! 🙂 BBC 4 was great last night – Bob Harris in Nashville followed by Brad Paisley doing an acoustic session. I have also been a Taylor Swift fan from the start cause she launched her career when we were in Canada waaaayy before anyone over here had heard of her. 🙂 I need more country music recommendations from you on this linky Jenny!

    • Hahaha thanks Clare. I actually used to do a music to my ears post each week. But no one read or liked it. So I stopped. You can search for them on my blog still there. Lots of recommendations there.

  7. You are looking fab lady – as is your baking! I also am a bit of a country fan – though I try not to let on! Did you by any chance watch Nashville the series on tv – I don’t know anyone else who watched it – I loved it! Hopefully new season in the New Year! Have a great week x

    • Thanks Mel!! Oh yes i am obsessed with Nashville. Cant wait for it to come back on. Dont hide your inner country. Lol i used to do a country music post each week if you want to some recommedations. Its called music to my ears. Lol

    • Thanks hunny. I was a bit awkward too but had to be done. Lol The more you do it the easier. The photos were grainy though. Its a great recipe book check it out.

  8. Such a lovely little loves Jenny. So pleased you had a fab time at Blogfest… even if it was without me, haha!
    I am a closeted Taylor Swift fan. The girls and I had Shake it Off turned up SO loud in the car today and got some funny looks as we danced in our seats and sang along! xx

    • That’s fantastic! Belt it out and be proud! I am always dancing and singing with the kids in the car. I am sure I get my fair share of looks too. Love it. That just means they are jealous of us having so much fun. Thanks sweetie but it wasn’t the same without my true partner in crime! Missed you there. I booked blogtacular I hope you are still coming so we can be roomies! lol


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