When he first smiled at me

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When Mr P first smiled me I knew I would be with him forever. Yes, that sounds cliche on every level. Shaking your head…yes I understand that too. Many have doubted how we met and fell in love so quickly. As you see I was an American on vacation in Mexico and he was British on vacation too. We met eyes from across the room and when he smiled with his perfect, bright white teeth, I melted. Many people don’t think of their smiles. A smile can have a huge impacted on anyone’s life like it did for mine. I might not be sat here in the UK with two beautiful children if my husband hadn’t mesmerized me with his pearly whites. A smile hold’s so much emotion and feeling in it. Yet it can be just as full of fun and laughter, something most people find highly attractive.

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After seven years together I want to keep making him smile. Why not, it’s one of his best qualities and if I can help it shine more I will.

Few things in life are more rewarding that receiving a genuine and warm smile from the people we love the most. A smile is a sign of many positive emotional states, including gratitude, trust, joy, optimism, etc. More importantly, smiles don’t cost a penny and can greatly improve the mood in virtually every situation.

You don’t need an excuse to bring a grin to someone’s face, so get your other half in your life smiling with these suggestions from Toothpick.com who are working hard for your smile by improving dentistry across the UK.

Just smile

It has been proven that smiles are infectious, especially if they come from someone we love. The simple fact of seeing you smile and knowing that you are happy can immediately bring a smile to their face, so just do it!

Attitude matters

Having a great sense of humour is often rated as one of the most attractive characteristics that both men and women can have. You will have a hard time trying to get a smile out of your special someone if you always take things too seriously, so looking at the bright (and funny) side of life can be an instant mood lifter.

Be ready to do things together

Sharing experiences is a crucial factor when it comes to creating a strong bond with our loved ones. You may not be a fan of golf or gyms, but if these activities are important for your other half, sharing them with you will definitely make them happy. So, next time they goes out jogging or get ready to play their favourite video game, join them and see how quickly that brings a smile out.

Simple is best

Most of the times, it’s the simple details that make us smile. Having breakfast in bed together, picking them up from work after a long and busy day, or treating them to their favourite food are simple but effective ways of getting them to smile.


Do you remember how exciting it was to receive a special surprise when you were a kid? That is the sort of thing that never fails to raise a smile and something that we should never grow out of. Plan a meaningful surprise for the most important person in your life and watch how their face immediately lights up. Need some inspiration? How about planning a day trip, taking them to a theme park, or preparing a romantic dinner at home?

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15 thoughts on “When he first smiled at me”

  1. Unfortunately I have a face that just doesn’t smile, no matter how happy I am and if I try to smile it just looks awkward and unnatural…I have an invisible smile!

    I must admit that the suggestion of running together did make me smile (invisibly of course!) as my husband and I both like to run…But never together. When we have I usually come back spitting feathers at him with no sign of a smile on either of our faces. So that suggestion doesn’t work for us.

    Little things make me smile…Ask my husband (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)…..Joking apart though, simple things make me want to smile. The dogs chasing around the garden, my children mispronouncing English words (although they are both teenagers), a lamb bleating for it’s Mum as it struggles to keep up.

    Smiling does make us feel good, whther the smile shows or not.

    Popped over from #PoCoLo.

    • Ahh that’s sweet too! I love it. Thanks Katie. We really do have a fairytale meeting. I based my first novel on our meeting. Lol Nothing like writing about true experiences.


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