Having a baby? Do you have a Will?

Last updated on February 23rd, 2018 at 12:36 pm

I am about to have my third baby. If you have had a baby before or about to you will know there is a lot to prepare for before, upon it’s arrival, and after. One of the things you might not think about sorting out is a Will. Do you have one already? Well, you are half way there but with each baby it needs updated too. It should be apart of your checklist of things to sort before the hustle and bustle of baby feeding and cuddles are under way.

The moment I had my first baby, my husband and I got a Will. It’s so important to arrange and provide care for my child(ren) in the event that I am no longer here. Having a Will makes things easier for them afterwards.

Growing up, I always associated Wills with my grandparents. You don’t think at the age of 26 having a baby that you might need one but you should always have one in place.  Who will take care of your children if anything happens to both parents at the same time? Things like this are a huge issue to ensure your wishes are kept when you can’t voice them anymore.

Getting a Will is only one step on a long list of things you need to do when having babies. And it doesn’t end with the first baby either. With each child, our Will needs updated and changed! Things like the person that would be the primary caregiver could no longer be fit to care for your children that years ago could have. You might have more assets to divide out or change the recipient. You might own things that need to go to different people if they are no longer with you.

With only 13 weeks left to have my third and last baby, we are due to update and change our own existing Will. Adding another more dependant is one change and a few things that were in place five years ago need updated . I don’t want to think about not being here for my children ever but I also don’t want to leave that burden and stress on them either if something devastating does happen.  They will have enough to cope with losing their parent(s). Being prepared just in case is always the smart thing to do.

Do you have a Will? It’s never too late if you don’t have one already. Companies like Prime Sydney Lawyers can easily assist you in getting one started. Make sure when big life changes happen like having another baby, you update them every time.

Having a baby? Do you have a Will?


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