Routines and Breastfeeding Strike 10 Month Old Baby

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A baby boy lying on a white blanket with "Today I am" written on it, as well as the numbers 1 to 12

He is ten months old folks! While he is on a breastfeeding strike, his routine is still in tacked and he is still the happy, smiling baby boy. He is thriving despite refusing to feed off me. I do think he prefers his cup as he refuses a bottle a lot too. Haven’t heard of a breastfeeding strike before? Nor, had I? But apparently it’s a thing around 9-12 months old for some babies. I didn’t experience it with my first two breastfed babies but just is a great example on how every baby is different.

So what have we been up to this month with baby boy?

A whole lot of talking is going on…and for once not on my part. Baby O is constantly shouting, “Mama” and “hi” and “Daddad” and what we think might be brobro because that’s why his big brother refers to himself when he talks to his baby brother. It’s quite cute.

New Changes to his 10 Month Old Daily Routine

He is still taking 30 minutes from 9:30-10 am for his morning nap. However the last few days we have cut it down to 20 minutes. He is showing signs of waking up far earlier than normal and it’s time to cut it out slowly. I never cut a nap out cold turkey as it can be hard for all of you but a few minutes each day makes a big difference over a week. By next week, he will just be on his 2 hour midday nap at 12:30-2:30.

I was lucky enough my older two both had this two hour nap until starting school at age 4. Fingers crossed I get a hatrick!

What is a breastfeeding strike?

A breastfeeding strike can happen at anytime really and I am told that it usually starts when your baby gets to that age where they are constantly wanting to look around and be nosy. Or if you are where there is a lot of distractions during feeding times. You may have older children like me that really distract the baby.  Either way, baby starts to refuse to feed off you. I have been pumping to keep my supply up and still offering feeds before I give him it in a cup or bottle however choosing a time when you are tired and your baby is hungry and feeding in a calm, quiet, non-distracting environment. They refer to it as closet feeding.

I have been told it doesn’t normal last more than three weeks but in my experience it’s still ongoing. I will let you know more next month.

Our current 10 month old baby feeding schedule

Milk at 7am

Baby Cereal 8am

Lunch 11:45

Milk 2:30pm

Dinner 4:45pm

Milk 6:30pm

Weaning Progression to Final Stage 4

We have really been relaxed and enjoyed weaning our last baby. Mostly because I do think you get a lot more calmer about everything when  you have had a few babies already. The first time weaning can be nerve racking and stressful for both of you. You can get some great tips from my Weaning posts here.

Cheap but Quality Baby Food & Products

Weaning Where to Start

Weaning onto Solids

Now we are moving onto the final stage of weaning Stage 4 to pure chunks and pretty much eating what we eat. Minus a few known family allergies we haven’t tried him on yet or cow’s milk until he is one years old as recommended by healthy visitors. It’s been so nice just feeding the family all the same food when I can. I am so relieved he lives the chunks whereas his older brother gagged, choked, refused, and fussed until about 18 months with them which was tough. Having never done purees with his older sister because she preferred baby led weaning all on her own accord we just followed her. This last time around we did a mixture of baby led weaning and purees to solids stages.

Not hitting milestones and I am ok with that!

We still don’t have a crawler or walker…but that’s ok. I work from home and have two other children to take care of so if he was running around already I would need another set of eyes and hands. I think every baby does this at different times, I know all three of my children did so we are patiently waiting for some more movement.

The thing that tickles us the most is that he pushes on us when we hold him like he wants down but then can’t move and gets mad at himself. It’s a circle of frustration on his part.

We had his health visitor over for a check up and while there were things on “the list” that he wasn’t hitting, I didn’t take note of them. I just let him drool on her and nodded where I needed to. I don’t get why it matters how he pinches his toys and how much gap there are between his fingers when he does it but clearly there is some science behind it.


There we have it, my giggle monster has his first birthday just around the corner. I can’t believe it. Can’t wait to plan it though and share with all of you. Don’t forget to catch up on all his updates as there are routines for each age and weaning tips in the posts too. Worth a read!!!

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4 thoughts on “Routines and Breastfeeding Strike 10 Month Old Baby”

  1. He’s so scrummy Jenny! I really wish I’d done baby-led weaving. My eldest had severe reflux and literally brought up everything we gave her and I was so scared of her choking that she was on purees for ages and now as a result is almost phobic of trying new foods. If I could go back and do it all again I’d definitely do it differently. And I think you’re quite right to not be too worried about hitting milestones – like you say, every baby is different and he’ll get there in his own time. I can’t believe he’s nearly one already!

    • Oh yes I let him eat whatever but mindful of all B’s allergies and problems that could come up too. I hate the choking though I really can’t handle it at all especially with B having EOE it’s so scary. I know he has grown up too fast.

  2. As you say Jenny, be thankful he’s not on the move yet! He’s so gorgeous and unique. I’ve not heard of a breastfeeding strike either but he probably wants to follow the other two? xx

    • I always think it’s one of those things they never tell you about but when you start talking online about it everyone jumps in and agrees and nods along and has experienced or know someone. Those parenting books have a lot to answer for!


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