Baby Boy is 6 Months Old

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:10 pm

baby 6 months old update

How are we back here again? Half a year old now too… for this little baba. We are celebrating his six month milestone this week. It’s absolutely flown by the last month more than any of the other months since baby boy has been born. We are getting to the really fun age where every day you see little changes and milestones popping up all the time. He has really changed within the last week I would say more than the other three weeks combine. That’s the way with babies, one day they aren’t crawling, walking and talking and the next they are. I am always fascinated how I can see even the facial features changing daily on him. His face is maturing faster than his siblings did. He doesn’t have that baby chub they had for as long as they had it. Matter of fact, he is the skinniest out of the three if we are comparing. I know they tell us not to do that but I am used to marshmallow babies.

We have had such a great month with baby boy aka Grizzle. He is still very much the Grizzle bear that he was when he was born. No more snoring reasons but actually throws a good grizzle if anyone but me is holding him. He has gone clingy so bad to the point where on grumpy days he doesn’t even like his own Daddy to hold him. I blame myself. I know I hold him far too much but as my last baby I can’t help it, I work from home so I can’t help it trying to multitask he is usually on my hip. I have been trying to actively put him down on the floor for tummy time, and in his new bouncer to kick and jump about for exercise too. I swear he is just getting worse and worse when friends or other family members want to hold him I feel so bad that he throws a fit. Any suggestions I am all ears, comment below to fight out clinginess?

Other than that he is such an easy baby. He sleeps great and if you watch my video below I talk a lot more about his current routine what times his naps are and feeding schedules and bedtime routines. I get a lot of questions how to schedule feed and where I am up to on his nap schedules so I thought I would add it in this month. I adapt the routine as he gets older to his needs and wants too. So far he is feeding amazing on his food too. He loves his three meals a day and we are about to start protein and dairy this month.

baby 6 months old update

Being a parent of severe allergies in my eldest son we are always on the look out to see if any of the other kids have them too. Weaning is always that nerve racking stage for me will he be allergic to this or that as he takes his first few bites. While I thought I would hate weaning after having to deal with my other child going into anaphylaxis, I am the opposite. I have epi pens and know the signs and I am more prepared this time around. Hoping I don’t have to put my skills and knowledge to test though. Fingers crossed!

We have him rolling over, cutting teeth, and really trying his hardest to sit on his own the last few weeks. I don’t want to rush it at all. I am trying my hardest to just let him take his time but he seems to want to speed up growing up on me. As my third and final baby, I am soaking in all those coos and giggles. They go faster than I ever thought it would go. If you watch to the end of my video, I have some outtakes of baby trying his hardest to make me entertain him and stop talking to the camera. He didn’t like sharing me with the camera and then I think he even thought at one point there was another baby in the camera and wanted to knock it off the stand. It was hilarious.

Either way, we are having a fab time watching this baby boy change, grow and become such a strapping little lad. I hope you are enjoying our baby updates and follow along as baby grows up here on Let’s Talk Mommy!

baby 6 months old update

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