What do our children’s dreams mean?

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:22 am

A father and daughter lying in bed together asleep

Dreams are a funny unknown part of life, both when we are growing up and as adults. Whether those dreams are so real you think it’s reality or it’s one of those repeat dreams of something you wish to happen, it has us waking up wondering what do our dreams mean? Why do we dream?

I know as a big dreamer myself growing up and still as an adult I often wake up thinking, did that really happen? Or wow that was so real. Wouldn’t that be a nice dream to repeat? I love dreaming. It’s like a little movie of your life in past, present or future that might happen or you want to happen someday. Maybe it’s a dream about being a hero and saving someone’s life or the perfect holiday experience with your friends or family. The beauty of dreams is there is endless options and they come and go as they please in all forms when we go to sleep. I often dream about things I thought about during the day or someone that I used to go to school with will pop up on facebook and come in and out of my dreams for the next week. It’s like the things in my subconscious mind take over and then turn themselves into a dream. I have a lot of fantasy dreams. Those are always the best ones to wake up from feeling happy and positive.

I have noticed my children are big dreamers too.  You can watch their eyes flutter around and talk in their sleep while they dream. It’s bittersweet especially when they were babies. I used to sit rocking in the chair next to their cribs hoping they were dreaming of soft toys and fluffy things. As they got older I used to ask them if they remembered dreaming about something. Sometimes they would say no, but when they said yes, it was a little glimpse into their beautiful minds to hear their magical stories. They do tend to have a lot of dreams about super powers and being able to do anything. Like this amazing video with Ian Wallace, he explains how children’s dreams tell us so much about themselves.

I tend to dream more often when I am sleeping cozy and comfortable. It’s hard to dream when you are constantly tossing and turning in a bed. Adjustamatic knows all about getting the right bed so you can keep those amazing dreams flooding in when you close your eyes at night. I think it would be sad not to dream. Not to be able to sleep so comfortable that your mind can’t go in and out of magical scenes and see family and friends too. I dream about back home a lot now that I have moved abroad. All those family and friends I left behind, what they are all up to in their own lives or reminiscing dreams of our past together before I moved. It makes me feel a little bit more in touch with home when I dream of them.

What do our dreams mean?

Dreams clearly tell a lot about us whether we are adults missing our family and friends or children dreaming of magical powers to showcase their confidence and ambition in life. Our personalities and ambitions weave in and out of dream’s storylines every time.

What do you dream about? Have you watched your children dreaming? Next time, why not ask them what they dream about? And see if you can’t learn more about your children through their dreams or even yourself.


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