Pregnancy: 37 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

To induce or not to induce? That is the question.

This week has been one full of appointments, weighing up options for this supposedly “big” baby boy. They have new growth charts that they plot your progress on throughout your pregnancy and I was in 10% up until two weeks ago where I jumped to 92% on the charts. They didn’t like this even after a 4d scan saying I have a lot of water too. Each week, I have had growth scans to see if it keeps jumping up. I saw a consultant last week who said he would like to induce me but it was my choice if I wanted to try to wait a week or until my official due date. He said he can only advise as these things never are exact.

I left unsure what to do. Do I let my body naturally take over the next two weeks and see if I can get him out without being induced. Or do I risk having a 10/11lb baby and c-section possibility if I go to my due date. They said they won’t let me go over so I have two weeks to make a decision to be induced early or not. I have to go back on Tuesday and tell them my answer which will be 38 weeks +.

I don’t know why I am nervous about being induced as excited as I want him to be here, I just think letting my body do it’s thing is a safer option. When we start forcing things to happen I heard it’s a harder labor, and more traumatic. Whereas, I had both my first two babies under 45 minutes with no complications, I was hoping their baby brother would follow suit. But even letting him come naturally things can still go wrong and be different. It’s a toss up for answers.

pregnancy diaries 37 weeks pregnant


AT 48 cm AND WEIGHING 2.8 kg.



The questions everyone is asking this week, “Are you overdue?”

Answer: NO! I am not even at my due date people stop trying to rush my last pregnancy. Between strangers commenting on the size of me, asking am I overdue or the infamous do you have twins in there, my children are bad enough on the impatient list. I don’t need the added pressure.


My bump looks big but upon my baby shower measurements it’s actually smaller than my first bump at this time. I think because I am a smaller and shorter person it just looks a bit more dramatic. It’s like someone stuck a basketball up my shirt. I haven’t gained or grown this week despite all the funny new growth charts say above. I think this is my bumps final stage and size. My feet keep going blue from lack of circulation which scared me at first. When it was warmer the other week, they had ballooned completely up but that’s subsided now that the cold weather is back.

I think I may have done my last body pump class this week. I think it’s time to snuggle up on the sofa and rest. Prepare for those sleepless nights.


I can’t stop eating everything in sight. You always hear that the last month there is no room to eat much. That your appetite winds down to smaller meals and snacks because baby is taking too much space. Well, I am here to tell you those last few weeks is where I gain the most weight and while I haven’t gained much this past two weeks with stress I am pretty sure next week they are going to shout at me for the tubs of ice cream, box of chocolate, biscuits and crackers and the shear amount of toast I have been consuming. I just want to eat every hour. I am trying to stay busy and active still.


I have people on call to come sit in if the kids are asleep when I go into labor. Neighbors and friends phones are on alert for me. Both times I went into labor in my sleep so I wonder if this baby will come in the day. Where will I be? Will it be in the grocery store? At the school gates? Will I have my other kids with me out and about somewhere? I am both anxious and excited how it will all unfold soon. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

So to induce or not to induce??? I think I will see how I feel on Tuesday to make the final decision whether to say yes you can induce me next week or not, I want mother nature to try until my final due date May 20th. Either way, come May 20th I will have a baby boy in my arms and that’s so exciting!


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