Me & Mine {July 2016}

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Me & Mine July 2016 family photo project

Oh July, how much I have loved and hated you at the same time. It’s been such a busy month finishing up the school year for B and preparing for our summer in America as well as one of the busiest months for work for both my husband and I. July just seems to be one huge blur of days, errands, work, driving here, there and everywhere. I am actually so excited for it to be over. Not only are the kids ready for a slower pace of life in America, I am in desperate need of it too. Sadly, Mr P doesn’t get to come with us this year for the first time ever so it’s going to be hard being so far apart for so long. So last weekend we really took a day at the park to spend some family quality time together. The sun finally came out which was a huge bonus for us. 

As you read this we have now landed stateside. I hope you all don’t hate me for all the holiday spam coming ahead but it really is a beautiful part of the world to visit. I love sharing my home away from home with you all. The kids always seem so happy to play outside every day, swimming, hiking, exploring mother nature. There always seems to be less tantrums and less bickering between the two of them as they rely on each other for a playmate on a daily basis. We catch up with cousins and just be with each other. I will still be blogging but I always like to take a little step back and enjoy our summers together as I know they won’t be small forever. They are already getting too big too fast now. Me & Mine July 2016 family photo project


A sunny day at the park with the family.

Travelling to America with my kids.

Getting the chance to read a few new books this month.


Golfing in the sunshine (a rarity). 

Playing at the park with the kids.

Our regular Sunday family swimming days at our gym.


Travelling to America on three planes (my travel boy).

Helping his Papa build cars.

Splashing Grandma in the pool.


Playing in her playhouse at Grandma and Papa’s house.

Swimming everyday with her brother.

Playing with her American friend, K, who was born the same day as her.

Me & Mine July 2016 family photo projectMe & Mine July 2016 family photo project

You can really see the bond between the kids growing as much as between each of us parents. B and MM run to a different parent for different things and I love that we are a team together but sometimes we rely more on one on different days than others. We take turns having the kids one on one to show them the attention and love that one on one gives them. You can really see how much it means to them when we do this. But it doesn’t change how much fun we have together as a family too. Our park trips are probably always going to be my favorite days to remember. I only wish we had a chance to do it more often with nicer weather here in the UK. It’s the best sound in the world when the kids are running around us giggling and full of happiness. It’s something I wish I could bottle up and replay whenever I needed cheering up. Me & Mine July 2016 family photo project Me & Mine July 2016 family photo project Me & Mine July 2016 family photo project

August is going to fly by for us with only six weeks in the states and B having to start school back up early September. We have a packed few weeks to be able to see all the family and friends we want to see whilst still having days in between to just swim and chill together. Each summer when we go away to America everyone always says I come home with two kids that sound different, look different and grow twice the size as they were when I left. I love that they instantly become little Americans once we land. This year will be interesting more than any year as they both all the sudden have really thick English accents as B gets it from school and MM now in nursery more days. I am curious to see how long it will take them to change to American accents and then back again come September. It’s like I have two different sets of children’s voices during the year. It really is so funny to watch and they even noticed it too. 

I hope you all have a wonderful August ahead of you. May it be kind and the weather be sunny for you all. Please check out the host with the most: Dear Beautiful and the beautiful families of the cohosts: Bump-to-Baby, Mummy Daddy Me, Capture by Lucy, and Tigerlilly Quinn.


33 thoughts on “Me & Mine {July 2016}”

  1. Fingers crossed all your travelling went well, and I for one can’t wait for the holiday spam to begin! It must be so fascinating to see how their accents change – do you find they pronounce words according to which parent they associate them with? My H has a strong Yorkshire accent and I’m full on southern and we find the kids mix up their long and short “a” – bath is short because Daddy does baths but ballet class is long because I take them!!

    • Oh yes absolutely adore Mini Boden clothing for kids and for me. lol It’s nice to get them to match too. Hard to find boy and girl clothing that coordinate.

  2. Aww gorgeous pics of all of you together. Must be hard being apart from your hubby so long, I know I wasn’t a fan when mine moved to Spain before we did 6 years ago, makes it all the more special when you get back together though I guess. Have a wonderful summers with your parents, loving all your pics already x

  3. I’m loving that you’re all in your shades looking very cool and relaxed. I can’t tell you how jealous I am of your warm sunny summers in the States and as you know I’ll be stalking your IG account throughout August for some sunshine! #meandmine xx

  4. How cool are MMs sunglasses? What a diva haha love it! These are lovely pics with the red flowers and sun, feeling so summery and I am glad you have so many lovely US adventures to look forward. Spam away, such an adventure to take every year 🙂 x

  5. What a fabulous set of photos – you’re such a glamourous family! Hope you’re having an amazing time over in the US – I’m loving the Instagram holiday spam! Love the fact your kids pick up the accent and back so quickly, that’s so cute! #meandmine

    • Thank you so much Catherine, we have such a great time here with my family and our friends. I am so grateful to be able to catch up with them all each summer. I am also loving my kids getting the experience and summers that I grew up with too.

    • Ahh thanks Lauren, thats so sweet of you. A lot of people mute me for the summer. I just love sharing our country slow pace everyday life here. It really reminds me of what’s important and what’s not important.

  6. You guys are such a beautiful family! I hope you have a fabulous time in America seeing your family. Can’t wait to see your pics! Please don’t fall on this trip though! x

  7. I’m loving the pops of red in your photos; it’s like you all just tie together with the setting so nicely. And these are gorgeous happy photos of you four, good to see you had some lovely family time before your month away from daddy. x

  8. Your July sounds just like mine has been… I too was SOOOO ready for a break! It feels like the summer holidays came round just in time! It’s so true that the kids are less bickery when they can be outside… its funny how nature does that! It just seems to dilute the intensity of the relationships! I hope you have a wonderful time in the US, Jenny…full of amazing memories, and that you are able to enjoy yourself and not miss your Mr P too much!

    • I know I have always wanted to catch them talking to me and talking to their dad in one paragraph all different words. It’s hilarious. They are getting stronger english accent as they get older though.

    • So good to hear your August has been special with your kiddos. Summer time is great like that. Moments to cherish together. Thanks for your kind compliments too lovely.

  9. All the pictures are so cool! All of the family look happy and your kids are so lovely. I bet you had a great time in America. Enjoy your time together 🙂


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