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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:34 am

Bring Netflix to Life Stream Team

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to take the train to London with one of my best friends, Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat to attend the Netflix Stream Team Event. We both were super excited to see what sneak peaks we might see and what it would be all about. It was so great meeting the other members of the Stream Team too. It’s a great group of viewers all with different tastes and different Netflix obsessions. It was fun seeing what series or films each of us were watching and what was on our “to watch next” list. 

Bring Netflix to Life Stream Team

We were welcomed and greeted in the most trendy accommodations for the day. There was Netflix paraphernalia everywhere. They really need their own online shop for that stuff (hint, hint). It was a viewing paradise that screamed sit down and get comfortable. I just wanted to curl up on the large sofa and watch an episode of The Returned. While coffee and breakfast were being served, I caught up with old friends and made new friends too. I love when a brand brings bloggers together from all over. I got to know a lovely group of bloggers from Ireland too. 

The day was full of secrets. 

We were split into mini groups and ushered off to various rooms in the house. 

First up was rooftop terrarium making with Beat Bugs. This highly anticipated show is inspired by songs by The Beatles and tells uplifting stories of hope and melody. It follows five best friends who discover life lessons in an overgrown suburban backyard. We packed dirt and stone into large jars and planted mini plants to create a space for our very own Beat Bugs to take home. I am hoping mine is still alive when I get back from America. Do keep watch for more of this one on August 3rd. I really think it’s one for all ages. 

Bring Netflix to Life Stream Teamterrariums

Next up in our day of Netflix fun was frosting cookies with All Hail King Julien. The King is dancing harder than ever discovering the wild world of Madagascar and the jungle’s craziest adventures in this comedy series. He wouldn’t do it without his sidekicks Maurice and Mort by his side and meeting new friends along the way. While my frosting skills are not as good as the series, the cookies still tasted just as delicious. What child doesn’t love dancing, silly, animals in the jungle? 

Bring Netflix to Life Stream Team

We got a quiet moment to step away from the family and kids zones to enjoy a little me time. There was bubbly and chocolate in a lovely mature library with House of Cards on the big screen. Not that I don’t love my family films and kid’s cartoons with my two kiddos, but I was intrigued to see what House of Cards was all about as it’s been on our “to watch” list for awhile. I definitely see what all the fuss was about I could have stayed in their all day with the bubbly and chocolate free flowing too, of course. 

Bring Netflix to Life Stream Team

That wasn’t all, we got to craft with Word Party. Word party is a favorite with my kids already. Featuring four baby animals who love to play, dance and learn new words together. It’s cute and cuddly for all little ones. I got to make little mini bunting that you might have caught on my instagram. I love when cartoons entertain and educate at the same time. There is no reason not to learn while we watch as kids. 


After a busy morning of bringing Netflix to life we had some delicious lunch wraps to fuel us for the afternoon. 


My experience that morning with Netflix was an real eye opener as a parent. It really showcased how you can take a favorite show and bring it to life. It’s doesn’t have to stop being entertaining when the television is turned off. It’s given me so many ideas of creative things I want do with my kids using their favorite shows and characters. They would have definitely loved crafting with their favorite singings Word Party animals, or making a new home for their very own Beat Bugs. This is one of the biggest reasons I love teaming up with Netflix. They are a brand that want the shows, films and characters to be taken off screen into the world of imagination and fun for kids and families around the globe. 

The afternoon was an eye opener too but in a different way. We got a sneak peak at Stranger Things. Within the first episode, I was hooked and wanted to curl up to press next episode with some popcorn in my lap. It’s one that will keep you on the edge of your seat but you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. Definitely one I recommend for you or your partner together after the kids go to bed. I will admit I was jumpy but intrigued so it’s not scary just eery. It’s out now so check it out. 


I was so overwhelmed with emotion just watching the tailor for The Little Prince coming out August 5th. It’s a beautiful tale of imagination, love, and learning to always remember to see with your heart. A Netflix original film that will give you goosebumps and make you tear up so grab the tissues you will need them. I am so excited for it’s release. 

Bring Netflix to Life Stream TeamMy Dream Yellow Chair to Watch Netflix

It was a great day of meeting up with new and old friends, getting to just how much Netflix is adding to it’s bursting library already, and an eye opener that they aren’t just a brand caring about how much television you watch. Netflix promote and want viewers everywhere to take their shows beyond the screen. I even got a few birthday party ideas for the kids to do from my day with the Netflix Stream Team and bringing my kids’ favorite shows alive. 

Let’s take all those amazing shows and films they love so much and get creative with their playtime. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors there is always something you can implement to bring their favorite characters to life. They will think you are the most magical parents ever. Trust me, after coming home from this event, we took playdoh and made Kate and Mim Mim characters and I died cotton balls pink to act out the episode where Kate is finding shapes out of clouds and they float off in a pink castle made of clouds. A great episode for the kids may I add to use their imagination and create fun out of nothing. 

Life is what you make it. Television is entertaining. Why not bring Netflix to life as much as we do everything else with our kids. They really will think you are cool. Then when they are fast asleep, don’t forget to make your own list of favorite shows to kick back and watch. However, I highly recommend NOT bringing shows like Sons of Anarchy or The Returned or perhaps Stranger Things to life please. 

Bring Netflix to Life Stream Team

Thanks Netflix for hosting a great event and inviting me along to join the Stream Team family. 


4 thoughts on “Bringing Netflix to life”

  1. My son loves Word Party too! I can’t wait to watch Stranger Things – we’re a household that love Netflix! Looks like you had a lovely day. Love those little terrariums too. O would love to make one of those – he’s always on the look out for minibeasts x

    • Oh yes Word Party is a popular one with mine too. Netflix is really the best for the kids and family and date night even. I love that they have something for everyone. We had so much fun and inspired to take our favorite family shows off screen too.

  2. We have Netflix but I hadn’t heard of some of these kids shows, so it’s always good to discover new things for them to watch. Word Games sounds right up their street. I am waiting to start Stranger Things – I need my OH around as I’m a bit of a whimp!

    • Oh I know what you mean I saw the first episode in a room full of forty people and still was scared hahaha and it was daylight too. I am a wuss. Love watching things like that but so scared to do it alone. lol Netflix is great for kids shows.


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