Family chill out time

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family chill out time reading in the fields together summer travels

Life can be a hectic game of schedules, routines, and running errands constantly when you have children. It is like a never ending ‘to do’ list when children are involved. Even though our lives can get busy and we feel rushed about most of the time, I have been really focusing in on sitting down with my kids to enjoy some family chill out time this summer. 

It’s been more about starting our day out right with Bassetts Vitamins, a nutritious and balanced breakfast and eating healthy throughout the day to keep us going. If we don’t take care of ourselves than being busy will only run us down and won’t leave time for us to have fun together.  It’s so important to pay attention to what we are fueling our bodies with while on the go.

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No matter how busy our lives get, we always make time during the day to use our imaginations and spend quality time together using storytelling, reading, creativity, crafts, and music. I think it’s so important to take that family chill out time together. It gives the kids the attention they seek when the rest of our day maybe be super busy and active. It’s a quiet time where we use our minds more and relax our bodies together too. I also think this time together is so beneficial to children not just for quality time spent together but they need that quiet down time during the day. I know if my kids don’t get the rest and chill out time they need they get grumpy and run down. No one can have fun if we aren’t all healthy and feeling bright together as a family. 

I would have to say most days we pack in as much as possible with school runs, music, swimming, soccer, gymnastic and Spanish classes. I am a taxi to them and constantly organizing playdates for them as well. This means our calendar is always full and the kids are on the go, daily. I always make sure they have balanced meals, vitamins, and schedule our chill out time on top of that to recharge our batteries. We love telling each other stories and reading stories together whether it’s while we are on a picnic, or in our backyard in the afternoon or at bedtime. I love this time with them where we slow down and take it all in together.

family chill out time reading in the fields together summer travelsfamily chill out time reading in the fields together summer travels

While we are in America this summer, we are making the most of that slower pace of life to do more family chill out time. We have been taking a blanket in the early evenings out to the field near my parents house and having an even snack together and reading our favorite stories. It’s great to get fresh air while having some down time with the kids after our busy days. I love listening to the birds chirping above us and sometimes B likes to read the story to us and sometimes I read it. The best part is sometimes we grow tired of the same books we brought over and over and make up our own stories about the forest around us, the river next to us and the animals within them. For me, I think these moments will go down as my best memories of summer in America with my kids. 

If you are a busy parent, try to stop every once in a while and give yourself a break as much as the kids get one. We need this down time together as much as they do. Once you get into a great routine of setting a little story time aside or whatever it is you do to chill out with your kids, you really will see the benefits for you and them. It will quickly become your favorite time of the day, week, and month, I promise. family chill out time reading in the fields together summer travels

family chill out time reading in the fields together summer travels

I am teaming up with Bassetts Vitamins for their amazing family campaign called#lifewithmorecolour. Bassetts Vitamins are a nutritionally balanced supplement for the whole family to enjoy. They are soft, chewy and tasty so the kids love them. They have liquid versions for younger children all the way to tasty, chewy ones for us adults too. I like that they contain only natural flavor and no added sugar. I try to limit the sugar my kids eat so this is always a must for us. 

When our family life gets chaotic, we really must take some family chill out time together. It’s a special time to create memories, have that extra bonding time while everyone is feeling happy and healthy. We shouldn’t wait until one of us is under the weather to have those extra cuddles on the sofa or take that book and blanket outside in the afternoon to chill out together. 

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