Tips On How to Holiday with A Baby

For many new parents, the mere thought of a vacation with a baby can be daunting. Images of endless diaper changes, frantic meltdowns, and disrupted routines dance in their heads. But there’s no point being afraid because it’s a common norm that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about.

As you take a ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, you might worry about how you’d plan things with a kid so things go smoothly during the trip. Either way, some tips should help you plan, iterate, and execute things so there are no roadblocks along the way.

We will take a closer look into all the tips you need to follow as new parents when holidaying with a baby.

Starting with an initial plan

When it comes to traveling with a baby, practice, and planning make perfect. The first step is choosing a baby-friendly destination that will not only keep your baby happy but cater to your fun and rejuvenation as well.

Babies have a lot of requirements and accommodations in place, so you need to look for places that have all the amenities like cribs, high-chairs, changing rooms, etc. in place. 

Consider relaxing beach vacations, resorts with children’s programs, or destinations with plenty of outdoor spaces for exploration. These do work out quite well in the long run for children and parents alike.

Sorting out the travel logistics

Another factor that’s worth paying close attention to is the logistics. How will you get from one place to the other? What kind of transportation would work best for you and your children? You have to be realistic about the travel time to ensure that you aren’t missing out on things.

Opt for direct flights if flying, or plan frequent breaks during road trips. Research baggage allowances for baby essentials and consider checking a stroller or car seat to free up space in your carry-on. 

Also, when you are securing the logistics and transportation bookings, ensure that you have all the basic questions clarified by the authorities so you aren’t confused about the processes in the end. This should be enough to get things for you.

Pack smart for everyone in question

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to traveling with babies is having the right packing process in order. You can’t pack light, not with kids. 

When it comes to packing, there are a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind. Let us sort it out first:

● Pack enough diapers and wipes for the entire trip, with a little extra buffer.

● Don’t forget familiar formula or breastfeeding supplies, bottles, bibs, and medications. 

● Pack plenty of comfortable clothes, including pajamas and outfits for unexpected messes.

● Kids are easily distracted, so it makes sense that you’d need to pack entertainment essentials too.

● If your baby has comfort items like a stuffed animal or a favorite blanket, etc., we’d recommend that you carry those so you have a sense of comfort and security.

Also, while you are securing all the basic packing essentials for your kids for your vacation, it makes sense that you can’t forget about packing the things that you need.

Stick to routines

Unless you are a parent, you wouldn’t realize this but babies need to stick to a schedule without fail. If you don’t want to end up with a cranky baby when you are traveling, it makes sense that you need to stick to routines.

This includes feeding them at regular intervals, and ensuring that they are taking the nap they need so they are well rested. Expect some deviations from routines. Be patient with your baby and adjust plans as needed.

Nothing is set in stone when you are traveling, especially with a baby. So, the key here is to focus on the now and make relevant adjustments so things aren’t getting out of control.

Make the most out of the experiences

Just because you have experienced some kind of roadblocks or issues with the travel experience, you don’t have to get disheartened.

Resist the urge to cram your itinerary with activities. Plan shorter outings with plenty of downtime for feeding, diaper changes, and naps. This allows you to focus on the present and take things as they come.

Schedule some time for relaxation as a couple or with older siblings. Take turns enjoying spa treatments, reading by the pool, or exploring the local sights because moms and dads need some time for themselves too.


If you have been looking to make the most out of your family vacation with your baby, keeping these tips should help you figure things out. With Bookaway, you can get your bookings secured ahead of time so you don’t have to get things done last minute and get overwhelmed with a baby in question.

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