Family Friendly holidays to Dalaman, Turkey

Last updated on April 16th, 2022 at 08:47 pm

You’ve been looking through the holidays, thinking of somewhere to take the family, and the charming region of Dalaman, Turkey, has caught your eye. After reading up a little, you’ve decided let’s go there and see what it has to offer. Here are some recommendations of things to do while you’re out there for a fabulous family friendly holiday.

Relax on a Sun-Kissed Beach

It wouldn’t be a family holiday if you didn’t at least spend a day on a gorgeous beach somewhere. Turkey’s Dalaman region is happy to oblige and it doesn’t cost a penny. There are more than 1,600 kilometers of coastline to enjoy, so pick your spot. Oludeniz is particularly beautiful. Get yourself to the famous Blue Lagoon, or if you’re looking for somewhere more secluded head southwards to the blissful shores of Kabak, then explore the town.

Dalaman, Turkey Family friendly holidayImage by kenny barker, used under CC 2.0

Go on a Horse Safari in Marmaris

Name a child that doesn’t love animals. It’s impossible, isn’t it, so why not take them on a horse safari in Marmari? They’ll love just trotting along in the countryside on horseback among hills and across small rivers (and the horses will enjoy cooling their hooves in the rivers!). The horses are normally well trained and you’ll be guided by experienced riders.

Sample the Local Food

Don’t just go from attraction to attraction, activity to activity, without trying some of the local food. In fact, make a point of sampling the exquisite Turkish cuisine. It won’t put you horrendously out of pocket, either. The fresh fish and seafood are to die for, as are the gözleme (flatbreads stuffed with a vegetable filling, such as leek and pepper) and, for dessert, baklava (a filo pastry dessert sweetened with syrup or honey and filled with
chopped nuts).

Take a Mud Bath

The kids will never have a better excuse to get all muddy than this and they’ll want to make the most of it. Besides, a mud bath is good for your skin, so they’re doing their health some good as well! The waters of Dalyan are believed to help with skin conditions, and some people even see they leave them looking younger. There’s only one way to find out. Head to the Dalyan mud baths and get all muddied up (in the name of skin care, of course!). 

 Dalaman, Turkey Family friendly holiday

Image by meemal, used under CC 2.0

See the Turtles

While you’re in Dalaman, you should take the time to see the turtles nesting at the Dalyan turtle beach. The sand offers a natural split between the Dalyan river and the sea and therefore makes it a comfortable place for the turtles to lay their eggs. You can take boat trips out to see the rare turtles.

With its blend of wildlife, good food and warm weather, Dalaman is a beautiful place to take the family. You may even feel inspired to stay a little longer and explore more of Turkey.

I know after writing all that I want to take my family to Dalaman, Turkey, what’s not to love about all the above. It’s great to relax and experience things together as a family in places that are so different than home. It looks like a stunning place to visit and I will definitely be adding it to my family must-visit list. I thank First Choice for teaming up with Let’s Talk Mommy for this great list of family things to do. Have you been to Turkey? What are your thoughts on Dalaman?

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  1. We had been looking forward to our holiday to Turkey for almost a year. It was booked for August 2016. Then 6 weeks before flying we swapped it to Cyprus because of all the trouble in Turkey. Such a shame its so volatile over there and the tourism has apparently dropped so much this year.

    • I bet with all that is going on over there it’s not been great. Sad because it’s so beautiful. Maybe it will turn around soon. Hope you enjoyed Cyprus.


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