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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:36 am

instax and traveling with little ones

Getting from point a to point b never crossed my mind until I became a parent. It’s funny how having a baby makes you a more cautious driver like checking your speed limits every few minutes when you never really focused on them before. It makes you nervous for those very first car rides with your little ones. I don’t know about you but I take forever preparing for our journeys when I know my little ones will be along for the ride. 

I remember my very first journey with my first born baby. I kept looking back in the rearview mirror to check the car seat was still in place where I placed it, having already checked it over a million times before I left the house. I am sure I am not the only one parents that do this. This is the reason it takes twice as long in those early days to get out of the house and on your way.

As the years pass by, I don’t think I get any less paranoid about my children in the car when we travel. It’s good to know they are in the right car seats, I can stress this enough, having put my own child in the wrong stage car seat until I was educated. It’s an easy mistake a lot of parents make as regulations are constantly changing. I know so many friends that have just moved up to a booster seat without a back because it was easy and they thought their child was ready. While talking safety isn’t the most interesting topic in the world it’s the most important when it comes to our children. 

instax and traveling with little onesAs a Britax ambassador and teaming up to share our #lifeisajourney experience, I really want to help spread the word on the importance of the right car seat for your child. Britax are just as passionate about keeping your little ones safe and that’s why they work with bloggers like me to helps share their knowledge on which car seat is right for your child and they are there to help you every step of the way. Launching their Life as a Journey campaign has really helped us understand how serious it is to have the right size seat. They also have just come out with the Britax Römer BABY-SAFE i-SIZE infant carrier. The new seat conforms to the latest car seat regulation ECE R129 (i-Size) and is suitable from birth to 83cm, providing comfort and safety for newborns. So don’t make the mistake that I have done and many others, don’t move your child up to a new seat without double checking. And I really mean double checking, please. 

“It could save their life one day.”

We love traveling as a family and with little ones in tow we have so many great experiences together. I can’t imagine not having those memories from when the kids were babies up until now and more to come in the future. We have been on all kinds of journeys together from ferries, cruises, trains to planes and even buses. 

Life is a journey and it’s amazing to travel with your little ones as part of that journey. We capture as much of our experiences away from home as much as possible so that we can look back at those memories and recall all those fun adventures we shared. 

instax and traveling with little ones

Where have you traveled with your little ones? Were you paranoid at first about traveling with your children in the car, I would love to hear from you. How about now? I know having children has made me a better driver, how about you? 


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