October Siblings Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:01 pm

My three…

It’s been a crazy month and start to the festive season. I always feel like the summer is fun and busy but nothing like the chaos that is our life when October rolls around. It’s constantly planning pumpkin patch days out, booking Santa for December, planning Thanksgiving, getting costumes sorted, parties at school, parent conferences, Christmas presents sorted, and so so much more. I think the months of October to December just blur in a haze of busy, busy chaos. This year, I feel tired. Mostly because I have been working my socks off and had a baby and lost my Dad all in the same few months. Emotions have been up and down and I really want this Christmas to be special being baby boy’s first Christmas and then we go away to Mexico for hubby’s 40th which I also want to be special. I think I am in need of  PA!!! Maybe about four of them I could keep them all busy eight hours a day I have that much piling on my to do list.

Needless to say though I want it to be a quieter Christmas than it normal is for us. I want to be able to soak it up and just enjoy every minute of baby boy’s first Christmas and the two older ones at home with us. I want to have lie ins and movie, duvet days, and eat whatever we want after baking whatever we want. I want to not worry about the mess of the house and just be present 100%. It’s a goal that I am awful at keeping but I am striving to be better this year about it.

The kids have been having a blast with their baby brother now that he is so much more alert and sitting up (aided of course) and feeding him food as we started weaning him. They seem more interested in what he is doing and what he is looking around at. They love putting on dance shows for him and watching him squeal with laughter when they are tickling him and making faces. It’s the best sound in the whole world. They help me so much with them at the moment I don’t know what I would do without my bigger two to entertain him while I get some work done, or house chores or put dinner on or throw a load of laundry in.

Over the next few weeks as he rolls over, starts to try crawl it’s just going to get more busy and I need their extra eyes to be on choking hazard alerts. Anyone else have older kids with legos and doll house pieces that you fear baby will get ahold of…would love to know what you do to store them away from baby but let older ones play with them????

This little baby boy has slotted right in between his siblings. They bicker for his attention and love cuddles too. I am so glad they both wanted to have a siblings so bad because it’s made the transition from two to three so easy and so lovely. Baby boy is the luckiest baby ever to have these two siblings doting on him 24/7. Just look at that face below though who wouldn’t? I am finding it hard to work with him at home with me for the fact that I just want to cuddle him, make him laugh and watch him grow up. It goes far too quickly in my eyes for all three of them. Where do the hours, days, and weeks go?


Playing peek-a-boo and baby boy laughing.

Making slime with sister.

His STEM club creations at school. (engineer in the making).



Singing baby boy to sleep.

Helping feed baby boy his breakfast.

Starting Dance classes with the neighbor girls.



The constant attention from everyone.

Only Mommy holding him 🙁

His food, weaning is going so well.

We are in the middle of weaning baby boy and he is loving every bite. Somedays he gets so mad when the spoon is empty and throws a tantrum. He is still loving him binky but has started sucking his two middle fingers just like his sister and hasn’t been using it as much lately. The kids love retrieving it for him when he gets fussy. I think he loves them right at his beck and call. We might have a spoiled one on our hands folks.

I hope November holds more relaxing and more family time for us. I hope my dizziness goes away a bit more for the holidays so I can properly enjoy it. I am still battling it every few days where I am just stuck and can’t do anything which is really frustrating. Baby boy keeps me company though and his cuddles are so worth it.

Our little animal hats went horribly wrong on sizes where MM was big enough for me and B was too small and Grizzles was too long and he couldn’t see to wear it. But they are the softest and most comfortable things we got off amazon for our family walks after dinner to keep us warm. The kids were always complaining their scarves didn’t keep their necks warm or their hat wouldn’t stay down on their ears I thought they were the perfect solution. B’s wasn’t supposed to be vibrant orange though either but hey they are fun and so warm. I now have MM for me and B gave his to MM and we are waiting for Grizzle to grow into his a bit more. Typical, I never get sizes right for anything clothes, home furniture, and more.


9 thoughts on “October Siblings Project”

  1. Those animal hats are so cute. Gorgeous photos as always of your little trio. Choking hazards is a real worry – we’re planning on having a stairgate on the lounge door and Sophie is only allowed to play with baby-friendly toys in the lounge – everything else has to be in the dining room or upstairs. I’m not surprised you’re tired – it’s been quite a full-on year for you. A quieter Christmas sounds like a good plan x #siblingsproject

  2. Wow, I’m suddenly feeling very disorganised and not ready for Halloween or Christmas at all… but then I am always a last minute kinda’ gal. Love the kids hoods, they’re so cute!!

  3. You have been through so much over the last few moths Jenny – I’m not surprised you’re feeling tired. I know how hard it is to slow down – it’s something I really struggle with too – but it’s so important! You have to look after yourself so you can keep looking after your three gorgeous kiddos. I’m so jealous you’re off to Mexico for your husband’s 40th. It’s my husband’s 40th at the end of December too and I looked into booking a trip for us all but he’s decided to go to Las Vegas for a week with his best mate instead! The Christmas planning has started in our house too – I normally leave it much later but feel like there is SO much to do this year that I need to get a head start on it or it’ll never all get done in time.

  4. Oh they are so cute all together! I only ever wanted two kids but when I see all these pictures of three (or more!) siblings together it does make me wonder what it would be like to have another one. It’s lovely to hear they all get on so well, and they might be the wrong size but their hats are super cute! #SiblingsProject

  5. Aw beautiful photos Jenny, this is such an exciting time, I loved it when they started sitting up and exploring. I love the build up to Christmas, it feels like the excitement and magic is in the air. Christmas will be wonderful for you all I bet they will be so giddy x


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