Weaning my third baby

It’s come to that time where baby boy is sitting up, reaching for toys and putting them in his mouth. These are all signs that he is getting ready to be weaned. After our last midwife and health visitor check up, they recommended we start weaning our baby. This will be my third baby going through the weaning process and I have to say, each baby has been completely different. I have also been completely different in how I go about it. I think it’s what feels right at the time. It’s a huge milestone and this being my last baby, its the last time I will wean a baby.

I am much more calm and relaxed how much he eats, what he eats and how he eats it. It’s true the more children you have the better you know when to get worried and not. I remember my very first weaning experience with my eldest and how paranoid I was about how much he was actually eat and how much was going on his face and the floor. I remember making everything from scratch and now I know that I can get organic, pure baby food from supermarkets and its just as good. It makes traveling and days out a lot easier to pack his food with us when I can buy baby food pouches.

Aldi has added new products to their award-winning Mamia range this year. As we have just started weaning, we tested out the new fruity pouches, scooping up the Red Burst (from banana, strawberry, apple and raspberry) and Purple Burst (banana, strawberry, apple, raspberry, blackcurrant and blueberry) in Aldi’s Mamia multipack pouches (5 x 90g) which are packed full of organic fruit. Don’t forget an absolute bargain price at just £1.99 for five pouches.

These multipack pouches are suitable from 4 months old for those, like us, that have been recommended to wean early. Baby boy is now five months old and weaning has started off smoothly. He loves meal times already. I try to make sure he has a varied diet of fruit and vegetables by starting off with the less sweet foods first. We have moved on to three small meals a day now.

The Purple Burst blueberry flavor one is his favorite, I think just by the happy, messy his grin is here. It’s so cute when they are smacking their lips for more. He gets so mad when the pouch is empty. He reminds me so much of his brother and sister when he starts shouting for more. They were the exact same when it was something they loved. It’s one of my favorite stages at this age.

Aldi have also added the new Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes at just 65p per 60 pack, which are made from 99.5% naturally derived ingredients and contain 0% perfume or alcohol making them PH skin neutral – they’re as close as you can get to cotton wool and water, but in a wipe! Aldi’s Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes are suitable for newborns, babies and children with extra sensitive skin and are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and paediatrician approved. Can’t argue with all that.

We noticed baby boy gets a rash if we use certain baby wipes to clean his face after he eats so we have been testing out a few brands and found the new Aldi extra sensitive baby wipes are fab to clean up after he has had his fun filled meals. He is great at getting it all over his hands, face, neck and head somehow.

Having won 46 awards for the Mamia range this year already I was highly impressed with their Mamia range. Part of the new launch is 13 new products in total including more Mamia baby food range for older stages when baby boy is ready including:

Cheesy Pie & Vegetable and Lamb & Vegetable, Stage 2 pouches (130g) at just 55p

Mamia Organic Oaty Bars at £1.29  Carrot Cake, Strawberry & Apple or Raspberry & Apple

Mamia Organic Tray Meals Stage 4 at 95p: Beef Casserole, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tomato & Mozzarella Spaghetti, or Chicken & Vegetable Risotto

Moving forward when he is ready to potty train (another yet not so fun milestone to come) I know I can try out their new and amazing Mamia Ultra Dry Easy Pants that now come in Size 4 (£2.04 per 22 pack).

I love that a supermarket keeps the prices low for baby necessities. We have to fork out enough for babies as it is and it’s great to know I can trust that it’s a quality brand too. We are excited because we finally got an Aldi near us, within walking distance. It’s good to pop the baby in the stroller and stock up on diapers/nappies and baby food when I need and get some exercise too.

I am really enjoying the weaning stage with my last baby the most because I have all that first time parent worries behind me, I know what comes with each stage having done it before and I can relax and take in the silly faces he makes when he tries something new or enjoy him getting excited over something he really loves. It really can be such a fun milestone for a baby and parent if you take it slow, stay calm and have fun with it. The saying, “don’t play with your food” should be erased from our minds because it’s great for babies to play with their food as they go through the weaning stages. It’s actually highly recommended in baby weaning books.

Have you used the Mamia range before? What do you think?



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