August Siblings Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:00 pm

We are in full swing of summer vacation here in America. Every summer we spend the weeks exploring the mountains and surrounding towns where I grew up. I love the slower pace of life here and the laziness that Summer brings for us all. It’s been amazing having this time to really bond with our latest family addition too. Having a spring time baby is awesome. You don’t have to rush around from one after school activity to the next. The kids get to be with their baby brother all day, everyday. I can see that they aren’t going to be too happy about leaving him in a few weeks at the start of school.

The kids love it here. We already have so many memories together here. While we are packing up the family home and next summer will be so different for us all, we will just have to make a lot more new memories at the new house. I am trying to focus on the positives but at the same time it’s still been hard this summer saying goodbye to it all.

There is something about the sunshine and playing outdoors everyday that make these three thrive and grow more. I swear each one has tripled in size since we got here. Clothes are getting slightly too tight for my youngest two and I think we will be coming home in high water pants and a baby in just a diaper. Shopping spree before our return is in order. TOGETHER THEY ARE LOVING…

Swimming in the pool with my niece.

Jumping on the trampoline with their second cousin who can do all sorts of flips and spins to impress them.

Eating Mommy’s homemade ice cream.

Going to the county fair!

Playdate and slip and slide fun at our besties house with a pizza party.


Hanging out with each other and their baby brother in tow.

Tickling their baby brother until he laughs so hard he gets hiccups. Then trying to scare the hiccups away. (Hilarious)

We love our time in the states. We love getting all the extended family together. This year with my dads celebration of life party, we got to see and catch up with so many friends and family. He would have loved it. It was good closer for us all to finally be together after losing my dad.

My one true hope is that my oldest two or at least my eldest will have memories of this house and our summers here. If not, I am so grateful I have this blog and have documented it all here for them to look back on in photos and videos. I only wish now I took more videos when they were smaller with my dad. He hated the camera in his face. So my biggest advice to everyone is this… take videos of your children with their grandparents. Even if it’s a few ships here and there of them talking to each other. Especially if your parents are older like mine and your kids young. You never know when someone might happen suddenly and you don’t get the chance again. I would loved to have had video of them together more. I only have a few but I will cherish them forever. The kids replay them all the time to keep his memory alive.

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