Weaning Stage One: Where to start!

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First Stage of Weaning

We are currently weaning our third baby and teaming up with Aldi to test out their Mamia baby range. It’s been such a fun experience so far watching him try various fruits and vegetables. It has been a smooth start to weaning with him.

So what are the best foods to start weaning your baby? This is a common question for new parents when they start to think about taking the next step.

I remember I had the very same concerns and wondered what was best to start weaning my baby on. I had no clue where to start. Was it pear and apple or blueberries and strawberries? What foods should I avoid at certain ages? Should the baby’s first meal be in the morning or in the evenings to aid him to sleep longer?

While I don’t think there is one answer to many of the questions that come with weaning, but I do think after weaning three babies I can share some tips that might help make the start less stressful for you and the process smooth for your baby.

It used to be recommended to start at age 4 months with smooth purées. It is now advised to wait until age 6 months for their digestive system to mature. Unless like us, you are advised from your midwife or health visitor to start weaning earlier.

Baby Boy started at 4 months due to reflex and being constantly hungry after I fed him. He started waking in the night. He was sitting up and two teeth coming in and was definitely ready to be weaned.

So, what do you need to wean your baby?

A highchair or bumbo seat to hold him in the sitting position. A bib to protect his clothes (I would recommend the sleeved ones at first, learning to eat is a messy business!), feeding spoons, bowls, and a sippy cup. I use the free flow ones, they are messy and spill but I think the other ones don’t train them as fast to drink but rather suck like a bottle still.

First Stage of Weaning

It’s recommended to start with less sweet fruits and vegetables so your baby doesn’t get a sweet tooth. Fruit bites like pear, apple, banana, papaya, and mango are great to start with and vegetables like potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. Make sure that those first bites are a smooth puree which will look like the consistency of yogurt. Your baby will most likely suck the food off the spoon at first. My rule of thumb is making sure their overall diet is colorful. Colourful equals a variety of good nutrients in my eyes. Other foods such as baby rice and millet are a good sources of nutrients and tummy fillers. I would make sure they are sugar free too.

First Stage of Weaning

First Stage of Weaning

I started out with some pear and baby rice made for 4 months old. If you are buying food in the store each package in the shop will specify whether it’s safe for 4 months or 6 months and then most of them have a stage label on them as well. Look for stage 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the top corner. Some foods will say 6 months because they feel you shouldn’t introduce whatever in the ingredients until this age and some say 4 months to showcase that it’s safe to start at the beginning. I would follow these guidelines.

First Stage of Weaning

First Stage of Weaning

First Stage of Weaning

I am not a professional dietician but from reading tons of parenting books over the years and weaning three babies, this is the overall advice I was given and have tried while weaning my children. Every parent is different, every baby is different, so as long as it’s a happy and calm transition, you both will do great.

We have loved teaming up with Aldi to test out their Mamia Stage 1: 4-6 months baby food pouches. They have a great selection to choose from. Pouches with mixed flavors that compliment each other and help keep baby’s diet varied. Baby boy loves their Berry Greek Yogurt pouch for breakfast. They are so convenient to grab on the go when the older kids have swimming lessons and I have to feed him his dinner on my knee.

Let’s talk great prices for our baby food too. Aldi’s prices are an absolute bargain at just £1.99 for five pouches. A lot of competitors cost this much for one pouch.

What’s more, Aldi has extended the Mamia range with 13 new products including more Mamia baby food for older stages when baby boy is ready, including:

Cheesy Pie & Vegetable and Lamb & Vegetable, Stage 2 pouches (130g) at just 55p

Mamia Organic Oaty Bars at £1.29  Carrot Cake, Strawberry & Apple or Raspberry & Apple

Mamia Organic Tray Meals Stage 4 at 95p: Beef Casserole, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tomato & Mozzarella Spaghetti, or Chicken & Vegetable Risotto

Check out how we are getting on here with Weaning my Third & Final Baby!



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