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Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:10 pm

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After I had my third baby something happened to me that didn’t happen the first two times I gave birth, I started losing a lot of hair. When I say losing it, I do mean in clumps in the shower, or when I brushed my hair. I was slightly panicking that I would soon have none left until I spoke to other moms that had just given birth and found it’s a really common thing. While it’s common, it’s been almost 7 months and it’s still happening daily.

Hair can be a huge confidence thing. I know when I have a good hair style or it feels full and healthy I feel pretty and more confident. So I want to not only eat healthy and take care of it in terms of washing but getting it to stop falling out is a high priority for me.

I‘ve teamed up with HairMax to test out their scientifically-proven hair conditioning laser devices. The HairMax laser devices emit nourishing low-level laser light energy which have been clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles and help reverse the thinning process.

These genius FDA-cleared devices can do ALL of the following and work on both men and women:

  • Increase hair density and fullness
  • Energise and awaken hair follicles
  • Rejuvenate ageing hair
  • Reverse the hair thinning process
  • Restore the hair growth cycle
  • Revitalise damaged hair

This is the exactly the help I was looking for!

I’ve tried out both the HairMax LaserBand 41 (£499.95) and the HairMax Prima 9 LaserComb (£174.95). Both devices feature the same high quality medical-grade lasers, the only difference is how you apply the device – the LaserBand sits on your head and contains more individual laser lights – allowing you to cut down the already short treatment time even further. The Prima 9 is a handheld comb which you sweep through your hair and has slightly less individual laser lights, meaning you just have to use it for a few minutes longer. I found both devices simple to use and easy to fit into my routine – just a few minutes three times a week is a small trade off to restore my hair!

I’ve been using the LaserBand 41 for about a week now and while it’s a little early to see visible results (results typically take around 4-5 months due to the natural hair cycle), it feels good to know I’ve started that journey to repairing my hair!




Now for me, someone just chatting about it on some blog doesn’t always do the trick as I’ve spoken about before, I want stats/scientific facts and that’s what I love about HairMax, they’ve invested in clinical studies and that’s also why it’s recommended by some of the UK’s leading hair loss experts.

  • HairMax has devoted two decades to the research and development of safe and effective laser hair growth devices.
  • Seven independent clinical studies have been carried out (with eight FDA clearances)
  • 93% of participants experienced significant new hair growth (on average, participants experienced 129 additional new hairs per sq in)

While the laser devices are certainly a considered purchase they are a one-off investment – unlike hair thinning tablets/topical scalp treatments which you have to keep buying! Plus, all devices bought from hairmax.co.uk come with a 5-month money back guarantee AND a 2-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. What would you pay for your hair?

If you have thinning or ageing hair I couldn’t recommend one of these devices more.

I look forward to seeing the difference in my hair in the coming weeks. Perfect timing for Christmas and our big trip to Mexico to start getting my hair looking its very best.


HairMax LaserComb Prima 9 – £174.95 – shop online

HairMax LaserBand 41 – £499.95




*Sponsored by HairMax


12 thoughts on “Losing hair after pregnancy featuring HairMax”

  1. I lost SO much hair after I had each of my girls. It used to be so thick and now it’s much thinner than it was. It still falls out in clumps when I wash it and my youngest is almost nine years old now! I have good days and bad days confidence-wise with my hair but for the most part I don’t let it bother me too much. I know there are women who have lost so much more hair than I did so something like this could potentially make a real difference for them.

    • Agreed it might be pricey but what would you pay to keep your hair? Mine is so bad I am really losing it in clumps too. But realizing its a lot more common than I think after having babies after sharing this product so many have shared with me their story.

  2. I’m so sorry you’ve been suffering. Its not something I have experienced but my husband is. Maybe he needs this. I hope it continues to work for you and try not to worry harder than I expect x

  3. This is fascinating Jenny, I didn’t know how common post-partum hair loss was. This product is expensive but if it works then it’s well worth it. I hope your hair comes back to the way it should be in time. xx

    • YES it is, I thought so too though. I never really realized how common it was until I shared this so many can relate with me. I would pay anything not to lose all my hair.

  4. Age is also a factor in thinning hair, not just being post-partum. My hair went from super thick to very thin sometime in my 20s – also after my third child – but never came back in. I’m currently looking at all of the anti-ageing lotions, pills and products that I can, so I am curious how this product has worked for you now that you’ve been using it for three or four months. I hope you will update soon!

    • These have definitely helped and better than taking medicine. I think my age also is a factor and three children for sure. I use to have the thickest hair ever too! You are not alone in this frustration.


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