Our Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair

Last updated on February 11th, 2024 at 09:10 am

I have been through a lot of highchairs in the last three years. We have had the one that was bulky and awkward and wouldn’t fit in our dining room, the one that you couldn’t remove the tray, the one that stained easily and was a permanent an orange color after just one night of spaghetti. It’s hard to get it just right.

If you are a regular reader here you will know we have been testing out the Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair and have been very impressed with the design, and it’s playtime capabilities. But has it passed our meal time expectations?

Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair Baby Feeding

Yes! It certainly has, let me tell you why…

– The removable double tray washes brilliantly back to it’s original white even after spaghetti dinners and raspberry jam lunches.

– The granite colored seat not only matches great with my neutral decor in my dining room but its unisex color so you can use it for possible future babies. It washes off just as easily as the tray! Bonus. I can’t stand grubby seats that never come clean and start to even smell after awhile.

– I love the different height levels it has so if we are eating in the dining room I can lower it to our table height so we can all eat as a family but if we are having lunch just the two of us at the breakfast bar I can higher it to the breakfast bar level too, so versatile. If you have had a chance to peak at our playtime review you would have seen it’s fantastic to lower to the ground to Buba’s level so they can play together on it too. So many heights, so many options.

– Unlike other highchairs it fits perfectly on the corner of our table. We have had others in the past that have legs that stretch out so far you trip over them when you want to get passed. This has wheels on one end making it easier to move in and out from the table or out of the way if needed.

Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair Baby Feeding
Breakfast is the cleanest meal of them all for the most part. Oatmeal really can’t do that much damage in terms of color to the tray but the one thing I didn’t like about my old highchair was that oatmeal was really hard to wipe off the seat cover. It’s sticky and when oatmeal gets cold it’s even harder to get off surfaces so I tested it out on the Seedling seat cover and found it extremely easy to wipe off. It didn’t ball up like it had done on others.

Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair Baby Feeding

For lunch I braved the raspberries to see how stain resistant the tray was. Although Missy Moo seemed to be eating civilized she soon was smashing them into the tray and seat after I took a few photos. With a little soap it came right off which is a bonus for me. I can’t stand stained highchair trays.

Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair Baby Feeding
I should have really gave her spaghetti for the ultimate photo opt but lately Buba won’t eat it so wasn’t going to cook it just for one. As you can see the tray is still like new and this particular dinner is after using it for weeks. I like when things for a baby, stay looking new, it’s rare so when it happens it makes me oh-so happy.

The only thing I need now is a Seedling Highchair for me. It looks so comfort with its reclining adjustable seat. I just might take a little siesta in it, if I had one. Our little ones are ever so lucky to get such fancy accessories growing up, we never had anything like this when I was a baby.

– Missy Moo is really the reviewer here, with her big smiles I think that tells you everything you need to know about comfort. She is clearly happy with her Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair and if she is happy than I am happy.

Oxo Tot Seedling Highchair Baby Feeding

* This is a sponsored post but all photos, opinions and views are my own. 

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  1. Missy Moo does look particularly happy with her lovely high chair. It can be difficult to keep kids accessories as good as new so it’s great that this one’s currently standing up to everything that she can throw at it. #Tried&Tested.


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