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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:16 am

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Buba, we now can you our threenager! You are three going on thirteen these days. One minute you can be looking back at me in your stroller with your beautiful smile and your bright blue eyes sparkling and in minutes you can be pouting over something trivial like suggesting to go on the swings at the park. I have tried to understand your new emotional troubles. You aren’t throwing tantrums, or lashing out but you pout your lips and refuse to do anything but fold your arms and ignore whatever is being asked of you. This is almost just as frustrating as normal tantrums and out bursts. But sometimes you are so dramatic we have to laugh out your new threenager ways. Laughter really is the best way I know how to deal with it. I am not sure I am doing you any favors but if I catered to it I am sure you will only bring on more of the melodrama on top of it all.  So for now we will keep laughing and hope your little phase passes us.

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Missy Moo, my little princess we have been butting heads this week with you as much as your brother. You are growing up before my very eyes. I love that I captured this photo above, it’s your new, ‘I am in trouble or been told off face’. You instantly tilt your head down, look at the ground and put your fingers to the top of your lip as if to say, “oops, I’m in trouble”. You act like you go invisible hoping if you freeze in this position long enough, we will stop telling you do something and you can carry on your way. You often peak up from this position to see if we are still looking at you. I know you know everything we are saying now. You comprehend things I didn’t give you credit for before. I can tell you to go put your plate in the sink or go throw something in the trash and you do it. I only said it once on auto as I tell your brother these things all the time but you did it and I was impressed. You may be a diva but you are a great listener. I am now just imagining your in trouble face here with the combination of your brother’s threenager pout and then we really will have a challenge on our hands.

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How did I get such melodramatic kids? I wasn’t ready for melodramatic milestones. Well, I asked and Grandma tells me I was very much the same.  I guess that’s karma as they say. But when you both have put aside your attention seeking ways you play brilliantly together. I love watching you at the park climbing all over the jungle gym like you both are the same age, best friends, playing whatever imaginary game you have going in your own sibling language. You both encourage each other to climb higher and try bigger obstacles to my nervousness and your joys. I watch on, giving you both space to learn, grow and experience adventures together, independently without mommy holding your hand the whole way. It’s hard to let go and let you both grow but I know it’s necessary.

12 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows 46”

  1. My word, how cute is her coat???? Love it. This bit did make me chuckle: “How did I get such melodramatic kids? I wasn’t ready for melodramatic milestones.” Bless you, I feel like I’m raising a Kardashian sometimes…

  2. Oh, these are such great pictures! I have a friend with a 6 week old and 2.5 year old. She says the 2.5 year old is just starting to learn the word “no” and have some attitude- especially since the new baby has come around!

    • Ahhh bless a baby and toddler are great together. I love when the sassy starts it is so funny. Not so funny when I have two tots doing it though. lol She will be there soon. I think the older one is just showing off half the time with the little one.

  3. Oh it’s equal parts frustrating and really funny when they start to get a bit of sass isn’t it – I can tell when Kitty’s even contemplating something mischievous just by the sparkle in her eyes, and then I find myself repeating my Mum – “whatever it is you’re thinking of – don’t!”

    • I love a good candid photo. Thank you hunny. You can say beautiful. Boys can be beautiful hahahaha It was great because I just waited till he looked at me. I love seeing how my children see me if that make sense.

  4. Wonderful photos! Its amazing at how they can have a difference in age, but then when it comes to things like this they play beautifully! x


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