Thanksgiving November Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:02 pm

Thanksgiving November Me & Mine Family Project

A family of five can be so fun and also so loud and a little crazy to get together all in a photo. If we finally get the baby to look at the camera which is a long shot, someone else has their eyes closed or looking the wrong way. We struggle getting reflections in B’s glasses all the time too. By the time, I get that snap that everyone is looking forward, eyes open, Daddy has long had it with photos along with baby boy wondering what on earth have I been born into. I think he still thinks the camera is some weird machine coming to get him when I take photos with my big DSLR camera, bless him. But I love this project and I love looking back at them over the years. We are coming to our last one next month, our traditional Christmas pjs photos and a whole year looking back. I can’t wait. It’s been five full years now of taking these photos on a monthly basis and I don’t think I have missed one yet. I still remember our very first Me & Mine photo!

This month as you can see we are giving thanks because it was Thanksgiving. My second favorite holiday of the year. I baked all week despite being on a detox challenge for everyone else. Made pumpkin pies for some friends and all the neighbors too. I love baking for the holidays. We sat around the dinner table on Thanksgiving sharing what we were thankful for and eating turkey and pumpkin pie. This year, I even made pumpkin ice cream which the recipe is coming up soon. It’s so easy and so quick to make, it will make you drool.

Thanksgiving November Me & Mine Family Project


His new golf club and making new friends.

The festive season and getting together with friends.

Getting ready to go to Mexico.


Thanksgiving festivities.

Preparing for Christmas with lights on the outside of the house (finally after 7 yrs).

Getting through a 30 day detox in the middle of the holidays.


His new smart watch.

Getting a Rock Star math certificate for 2nd place in his school.

Counting the days until Christmas.


Counting the days until Christmas.

Being invited on a few playdates at her friends’ houses.

Singing to her baby brother in the bath.


His new bath where he can sit up and see.

His new room.

His new jumperoo in the playroom. Although slightly scared when it bounces too much still.

Thanksgiving November Me & Mine Family Project

Thanksgiving November Me & Mine Family Project

Thanksgiving November Me & Mine Family Project

Other than celebrating Thanksgiving it’s been a quite month just keeping our heads down, fighting off that nasty stomach bug that we ALL got. It was like dominos in our house one day after another for each of us. Not the best week, I must admit. We have got an early start on all the Christmas stuff, presents done, lights and trees up, Christmas cards ready to sign and mail, and working on planning our Mexico trip out for New Year!!! I can’t wait. I am looking forward to a calm, quiet December. I am taking on only a few projects and enjoy my very first Christmas with my new baby and our first Christmas of a family of five!!

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  1. Aww just look how baby is looking at your big boy. I agree these photos can sometimes cause a little frustration as its hard to get that perfect shot BUT they are so worth it for the memories. When do we ever get photos together x

    • Yes I know what you mean, it’s worth it in the end. I just finally got around to putting all my siblings and me and mine from last four years in albums and having them printed can’t wait to see them.


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