Making a big girl bedroom

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Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company

It’s time! My little girl is at that age where she has out grown her nursery bedroom. The exact nursery bedroom that my son was in and he, too, out grew. As emotional as it is to say goodbye to this nursery set that holds so many memories for us as a family, I am excited to start making a big girl bedroom for MM. The baby era is finally over in this house and things are slowly being sold and given away. It feels slightly too soon even though MM is almost three years old. How did that happen? When did she get so big?

When it’s your last baby, I think we hold on to them a little tighter and want them to stay small a little longer. It’s the total opposite of what we do when we have our first baby when we are constantly trying to get them to walk, talk, run, pick up toys, and move on to the next stage as fast as possible. I have been thinking what kind of big girl bedroom I should create for MM. She has a vibrant personality, and shy to strangers but non-stop chattering at home. She has a huge love for dolls and dollhouses, bright hot pink, and a passion for stuffed animals. How will I put this all together to make a big girl bedroom that is perfect for her and yet gives her room to grow with it?

So I am starting with bedroom accessories!

Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company

Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company

Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company

I have long been a planner, one that researches, creates pinterest boards and shops online for the theme and style I want before I start purchasing. With MM’s room, I am taking my time leading up to her third birthday, mostly because that’s her birthday present is her big girl bed and mostly because I am not quite ready to make her a big girl yet. Selfish, I know. In the meantime, I have started with bedroom accessories, researched color themes and patterns and scoping out the best bedding that will tie it all together.

Having loved the Great Little Trading Company since B was a baby, I have started with these gorgeous big girl bedroom accessories to kick start my redecorating.

MM’s nursery was completely vibrant pink and cream. Right from the moment I brought her home that vibrant pink quickly became her signature color. Not the usual pastel baby pink that adorns most little girls brought home from the hospital. It has always matched her personality too. While I want to create a more multicolored bedroom, I think this vibrant pink will definitely be apart of her big girl bedroom as much as it was in her nursery.

Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company

I love this Sorbet Fabric Bunting, it will bring in more accent colors to her vibrant pink and really pop. There is so many different ways I can use this bunting in her new big girl bedroom. I haven’t decided if I will put it over her new bed when it arrives or if I should swoop it above her dresser. I think it would even look great draped across her large bedroom window so when the sun shines in, it can reflect all the lovely colors of the fabric.

Next on my list was to incorporate a few big girl room accessories and her love for dolls and dollhouses. She has a lovely large dollhouse to play with but I also thought these multicolored Townhouse Wall Shelves  would help incorporate those same accent colors from her bunting and create a place for her new Russian Dolls. They really are pretty maids all in a row. I think I am in love with these as much as she was when I opened them. Having never seen Russian dolls before she was ecstatic that you can put them, one inside another, all together. I have to say I should have bought these little room accessories months ago because she was the quietest I have ever seen her for over an hour and then her brother joined her and it was the best little play time ever. She was using her imagination and rocking the littlest Russian doll like a baby and brother was playing Mommy with the big one. I wasn’t sure what she would think of them but clearly she was loving her new big girl room accessories already.

Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company
Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company


Making a big girl bedroom with Great Little Trading Company

While I play around with making her a big girl bedroom, I have created this little, happy big girl corner for her to play in. I am excited to see how her bedroom comes together over the next few months. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be vibrant and bright and full of colors, dolls, animals, and more.

Check out my big girl’s bedroom pinterest board for more inspiration? Are you decorating a big girl bedroom? What theme are you going for or room accessories to you have your eyes on? I would love to hear, comment below.

*collaboration with GLTC

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  1. I love the doll house shelves. They are so bright and colourful, perfect for a big girls bedroom. I must admit I have never been on the Great Little Trading Company website. I think I need a browse as we are currently in the process of redecorating our playroom x


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